How can I join a Microsoft Teams meeting on the RealWear

How can I join a Microsoft Teams meeting on the RealWear

This article explains how you can join a Microsoft Teams meeting on the RealWear HMT-1. With the release of Microsoft Teams on the RealWear, you can now easily participate in a Teams Meeting instead of just direct calling.

What do you need

Before you begin, it is recommended that you have a RealWear HMT-1 and at least 2 different Microsoft Teams accounts at your disposal.

Log in to Microsoft Teams

Make sure you are logged in on your desktop with one Microsoft Teams account, and on the RealWear with another Microsoft Teams account.

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Add contact 

First it is important to add the MS Teams account that is logged in to the RealWear as a contact on your computer. You can do this by going to “calls” within your MS Teams dashboard, then click on “contacts” at the top left. When you have selected “contacts”, the top right corner will read “Add contact”. 

Select “Add Contact” and enter the accounts name, number or email address of the desired contact. The contact should appear below the search bar. When the desired contact has been found and selected, click “Add”. If the contact does not appear, please contact your system administrator. After adding it, the contact should be visible in your contact list. 

join a Microsoft Teams meeting on the RealWear

Create a new Teams meeting

The next step is to create a meeting. You can do this by going to “Agenda” on the left of your screen. When the agenda is selected, you can select “New meeting” at the top right. Now set the desired data for the calendar (Title, date, channel, location, etc.). Then at “Add required participants” you can add the contact person with the RealWear to your meeting. When the correct contact has been found, and all other meeting settings are correct, you can click on “Send” in the top right corner to finalize the meeting. 

How to join the Teams meeting on the RealWear

The RealWear user opens the teams application on the RealWear by saying the voice command “Teams” from the main menu of the RealWear. Then say “My meetings” in the teams application. The planned meeting is now in the RealWear user’s agenda. To join the meeting, the RealWear user gives the voice command “Join”. You will then be taken to a waiting screen, in which you have to wait for the meeting creator to admit you to the meeting. 

join a Microsoft Teams meeting on the RealWear

How to allow the RealWear user to enter the Teams meeting 

The computer user first joins the meeting himself. You do this by going to “Agenda” and then clicking on “participate” at the just created meeting. At the bottom right, there is a message that the RealWear user is waiting in the lobby to be admitted to the meeting. Click on “allow” to grant access to the RealWear user. The RealWear user will now join the meeting. 

Troubleshooting the RealWear

It can sometimes happen that the image of the RealWear is not immediately visible within the meeting. If you do not get an image from the RealWear, it is best to wait a while. If you still don’t get a picture within 20 seconds, the RealWear user can turn their camera off and on to establish a new connection. The RealWear user does this by saying the voice command “Turn video off” and “Turn video on”. When this is done a new video connection should be established and you can view the image from the RealWear. 


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