How does the UVISAN work?

How does the UVISAN work?

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the importance of hygiene and disinfection has been extremely high. As a collective, we try to do everything we can to ensure the safety of our employees and customers. The UVISAN sanitizing cabinet is a product that can help with this important issue. UVISAN is a sanitary cabinet that helps you to quickly and safely disinfect your equipment by using UVC light. In this article we will take a closer look at how to use the UVISAN cabinets.

Connecting the UVISAN on location

A UVISAN cabinet only needs to be plugged into a power socket on location. It is easy to move because it sits on wheels. Place it indoors in a dry, safe place. When you have found a suitable location for the cabinet, you can lock 2 of the 4 wheels. In this way, the cabinet is solid and stable and is ready to be connected. 

Installation of the UVISAN

There is a slight difference in the models when installing the booths. Where the VR12 only has double-sided doors at the front, the VR20 and VR30 have these doors on both sides. For the VR12, you will need to remove the back panel to access the USB charging ports. With the VR20 and VR30 you only have to open the doors. 

When you have access to the rear of the cabinet, you must connect the charging cables from the top for individual devices to the USB charging ports. You can then route the charging cables through the holes in the rear panel to the front of the cabinet. 

Before connecting the power cable to an electrical outlet, it is important that the power switch is turned off. This can be found in the Top IT area. When the power switch is off, you can safely connect the power cord and then turn on the power switch. Make sure you never connect the cabin to an overloaded power socket. 

Setting the UVC Disinfection Cycle of the UVISAN

By default, the booth is preprogrammed for a 5 minute (600 second) disinfection cycle that is specifically designed to deliver more than 99.9% reduction in common bacteria and viruses. 

Do you want to adjust the disinfection cycle time? Then follow the following steps: Before you can adjust the time settings, you must first start a disinfection cycle. You do this by pressing the start button on the right side of the Top-IT area. When you have pressed the start button, you will see the top timer counting down. Short press the SET button to enter the time setting mode. Adjust the timing T1 by pressing the “↑” or “↓” button to add more or less seconds. After setting T1, press the SET button again shortly, the green light flashes, and press the “↑” or “↓” button to set the timing T2. When the time is set to your liking, briefly press the SET button again. The system will automatically save the specified setup time.

Managing the Disinfection Cycle of the UVISAN

Now that the booth is connected, the installation is complete and you have set up your desired UVC disinfection cycle, the booth is ready to be used. Follow these steps to start a disinfection cycle:

  • Open the door and place all items in the booth. Keep in mind that all items must be evenly distributed. They should not overlap, allowing maximum exposure to UVC light to all objects and surfaces
  • Then connect all electronic devices to the charging cables / ports (if charging is required)
  • Close and lock the door securely (when the doors are not completely closed, the protection system will prevent the cycle from starting). 
  • Press the start button.
  • The sanitizing cycle will now begin. When the sanitizing cycle is complete, the UVC lamps turn off automatically.
  • When the UVC lights are off, you can now safely open the doors and remove all items. 

Cleaning and Maintenance of the UVISAN

There are a number of things to consider when cleaning and maintaining your cabinet:

  • For daily cleaning, use a soft, dry cloth. Do not use abrasives or solvents for this. 
  • When in use, check that the rear access panel (VR12 only) is properly secured and locked.
  • Do not use the cabinet in dusty / dirty places.
  • Do not store the cart at low temperatures. This can cause condensation. If the unit is stored in a cold place, allow the booth to acclimate to the ambient temperature for 24 hours before the booth can be safely connected to electricity.
  • Unplug the appliance when not in use.
  • Always use standard or licensed accessories. Unauthorized accessories, especially electronic components, can damage equipment circuits.


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