IPESLAND and VR Expert become partners

IPESLAND and VR Expert become partners

IPESLAND and VR Expert will cooperate in the future and become partners. VR Expert will assist IPESLAND with the distribution of VR hardware.

IPESLAND provides answers to the two following stakes: how can we quickly make employees progress by making them more confident and resilient, while sustaining their QWL, knowing that the porosity between work and personal life is the first breeding ground for burnout?

IPESLAND offers a hybrid method of prevention of psychosocial risks that strengthens emotional health through a virtual reality (VR) application supervised by a certified coach.

Their method echoes numerous scientific studies that demonstrate that psycho- cognitive learning, using "learning by experience", has a very positive and rapid impact on physical and emotional health.

The IPESLAND method modifies practices and deploys the sense of values. It develops authenticity, it is simple, fast, individual, and in sync with the evolution of the company, accessible to the greatest number and centered on the human being.

“The quality of presence can only be found by regular training (feeling) of our faculties to understand (mental) how we function, and the use of VR allows that.” Laurence Descamps CEO Ipesland.

ipesland VR Expert

“We are very happy to present IPESLAND as a partner of VR Expert. The company’s virtual hybrid method is a very interesting project and we are very pleased to contribute to it as the hardware expert,” said Wendy Béquet, Director of VR Expert France.

This partnership allows IPESLAND to fully focus on the execution and development of its virtual training and gives VR Expert the opportunity to improve its own services.

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