The 3 best features of the Varjo XR-1

The 3 best features of the Varjo XR-1

The Varjo XR-1 is a mixed reality headset. The XR-1 uses all the best features of the Varjo VR-2 in combination with added extended and augmented reality capabilities. The headset has been specially developed for building photo-realistic mixed-reality experiences with a full field of view in human eye resolution. But what sets the XR-1 apart from other Mixed reality headsets? In this article we have listed the 3 best features of the Varjo XR-1.

Human eye resolution

When VR is used to design, create, work or train, a high resolution screen is important. The higher the resolution, the more the experience resembles reality. At Varjo this is made possible by their unique display. They call this Bionic Display ™ because the resolution mimics the human eye.

Another measure of screen quality is pixel per inch. In Varjo’s headsets, the highest resolution in the center of the screen reaches 64 pixels per degree. This is about 20 times higher compared to the current headsets on the market such as the HP Reverb G2, Oculus Rift S and HTC Vive Pro Full Kit.

Industry leading Eye Tracking

One of the main integrated functions of the Varjo devices is the 20/20 Eye Tracker. It is optimized for data analysis and user interactions in the highest possible visual fidelity VR.

Eye tracking (or gaze tracking) is a technology to measure the user’s viewing direction. In combination with positional head tracking, one can determine the exact point the user is looking at in the real or virtual world.

Varjo’s 20/20 Eye Tracker is the most advanced and powerful stereo eye tracking technology ever integrated into a VR or XR headset. Now with even faster and more accurate calibration performance, 20/20 Tracker gives unprecedented access to accurate eye data for use in research, analysis, training and simulation, industrial design and more.

Key features of the XR-1

  • The ability to switch between mixed reality and ‘full’ VR. Allowing users to interact with the real and virtual world on one device for applications such as testing designs in different environments or manipulating their environment with pixel perfect brightness.
  • Industrial grade 20/20 Eye Tracker delivers unparalleled sub-degree accuracy of users’ eye movements in mixed reality scenarios for valuable insights into research, training and simulation and product design.
  • Human eye resolution Bionic Display ™ (over 60 PPD / 3,000 PPI) ensures high visual fidelity even in the most demanding industrial scenarios where extreme precision and photorealistic accuracy are required.

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