The first business VR/AR hardware distributor in the Benelux

The first business VR/AR hardware distributor in the Benelux

The Utrecht-based VR-Expert will focus specifically on distributing VR/AR hardware within the business world. VR-Expert offers a full service package that allows organizations to easily implement and use VR/AR hardware.

The gap in the market

There is a growing need in the business world for the long-term use of VR/AR hardware in business processes. At the moment, the purchase of VR/AR hardware for business use is only possible through consumer websites or traditional IT distributors. Implementation of VR/AR hardware in organizations is often difficult because hardware configuration goes wrong and the service is lacking.

VR-Expert signaled this market demand and developed special services for the deployment of VR/AR hardware within organizations. “Thanks to our strong relationship with various hardware suppliers and the many projects that we have implemented in the business world, we have been able to build up an enormous amount of knowledge that we can now make available to organizations through our service package,” – Merijn van den Broek.


VR-Expert focuses on 3 pillars. Hardware, service and software. On the new website, organizations can easily and conveniently view the selected VR/AR hardware and accessories. Clients are assisted in choosing the right VR/AR hardware and accessories for their application without any obligations. Subsequently, VR-Expert offers installation, support, swap and event services to ensure that the hardware is deployed immediately without disrupting business processes. In addition, VR-Expert offers a number of standardized software solutions for the business market


There is currently no party where organizations can go for business implementation of VR&AR hardware. VR-Expert offers added value here by offering the right hardware configuration, services and standardized software.

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