Three useful tips for configuring and installing large numbers of Oculus Gos

Three useful tips for configuring and installing large numbers of Oculus Gos

Configuring and installing multiple Oculus Go’s can be a time consuming job. The Oculus system is made for individual consumer use which makes it difficult to prepare large numbers of headsets. Last year we have gained a lot of experience handling this, and we’ve compiled our best tips for you right here.


Make sure you have multiple smartphones available

When first starting the Oculus Go, it requires a smartphone connection. Each headset will take about 10-15 minutes to configure. The Oculus platform will run into trouble if there are too much Oculus Gos connected to a single smartphone. Furthermore, the configuration process will speed up when using multiple smartphones.

Create multiple Oculus accounts in advance

Every Oculus Go has to be connected to an Oculus account. About 10 Gos can be linked to each account. Linking more Oculus Gos to a single account can cause problems in the long run, like the infinitive loading bug. Save your account details properly, because you need those when installing new applications.

Before you start, Lanyards!

Every Oculus Go has a controller. Each time you turn on the Oculus Go you have to use this controller to get through the calibration screen. Therefore, without the controller, you can’t do anything at all. When dealing with large numbers of Oculus Gos, controllers will get mixed up quickly and it’ll be a huge hassle to find the right one. Connect every controller to the right Oculus before you start, using a lanyard. That way they’ll never get mixed up again!

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