Unternehmen mit Zukunft and VR Expert become partners

Unternehmen mit Zukunft and VR Expert become partners

Unternehmen mit Zukunft and VR Expert announce partnership. VR Expert will support Unternehmen mit Zukunft in its Virtual Reality Business Camp with VR hardware and customer support.

Unternehmen mit Zukunft GmbH was founded by Robert Vogel in 2016 and has since been dedicated to consulting and coaching on topics related to digitization, virtual collaboration and leadership. 

Robert’s coaching sessions focus on three concepts in particular: simplicity, effectiveness and interactivity. New this year is the Virtual Reality Business Camp, a workshop in which interested parties can discover the positive effects and possibilities of using VR.

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Corona pandemic caused digitization boost

Last year, the Corona pandemic caused a wave of digitization in many companies. The need to upgrade digitally and engage with new technologies prompted some to think about positioning their own company for the future, even beyond the pandemic. 

One reason for this increased digitization were the benefits of virtual reality. Greater learning effects, increased concentration, cost savings and more – all this can be achieved by the correct use of virtual reality in a company. However, the extent to how this can be successfully implemented in a company is not always easy to understand. To support companies in this understanding, the VR Business Camp was created.

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The VR Business Camp is the perfect introduction into the VR world. In addition to lectures and market analyses, the workshops also offer many interactive sessions in which the use of virtual reality devices is taught in an interactive and educational  way. 

The participants of the in-person workshops do not have to take care of anything beforehand. The topic of virtual reality is explained from scratch, VR devices are provided, access to ENGAGE VR is organised, and content and documents are prepared. Even after the VR Business Camp, informational material, documentation and session recordings can still be accessed.

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In addition to the two-week intensive course, the VR Business Camp also offers interested parties trial courses. In special evening workshops, Unternehmen mit Zukunft also offers trainers and coaches the opportunity to learn more about virtual reality. 

VR Experts part in the VR Business Camp

In the partnership, VR Expert will take over the shipping of the VR hardware as well as customer support. The company also handles headset cleaning, pre-configuration, and is setting up ENGAGE VR accounts. This allows Robert Vogel and Unternehmen mit Zukunft to focus on the core business of VR coaching. In this partnership, both companies play to their strengths, VR Expert supplies the hardware and Unternehmen mit Zukunft the workshops and coaching content.

“I am happy to grow together with VR Expert and to push the topic of Virtual Reality further. Getting VR equipment very easily is totally important for us, so each of us can play to our strengths. That’s why we are happy to have VR Expert as a partner.” says Robert Vogel, founder and CEO of Unternehmen mit Zukunft.

“The VR Business Camp of Unternehmen mit Zukunft is a very exciting project. As a hardware expert, we are happy to play our part and are delighted about the partnership!”, says Alexander Obermüller, Managing Director of VR Expert D-A-CH.

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