Uptale and VR Expert announce partnership

Uptale and VR Expert announce partnership

Uptale and VR Expert become partners. The company will assist Uptale with hardware sales and customer support.

Uptale is a business solution that enables companies to improve the efficiency of their employees in an innovative way with immersive training. For this, Uptale offers a cloud platform where companies can create, distribute and analyze training and learning content in 360° and virtual reality.

Uptale Fair VR

This platform is very user-friendly and easy to use even for people without a technical background. VR experiences can be created within a few hours and edited at any time with just a few clicks. This keeps situational training up-to-date in a fast-paced world.

Software is characterized by simplicity

Designed specifically for learning scenarios, Uptale’s software stands out for its simplicity and wide range of features. No setup is required to use Uptale’s cloud platform, so users can get started right away without any hassle. 

When it comes to content creation, the 360° photos and videos can be equipped with many different interactions, such as information boxes, quizzes, embedded videos and images, sounds or slideshows. Because of the portal’s many features, such as the storyboard editor, authoring tool, automatic translations, text-to-speech, and scene templates, advanced VR content can be easily created. This content can then be played through the web browser of any device like smartphones, tablets and of course VR headsets (using the Uptale Player App).

Uptale Interactions VR Expert

Virtual reality is increasingly being used for employee training and education. Already more than 50 international companies have used Uptale’s solution and reduced their training costs enormously. With the help of Uptale, for example, operational teams can be trained further and new employees can be integrated faster into production lines (-15% of integration time for newcomers on the production line).

VR Expert supports Uptale with hardware distribution

As a partner of Uptale, VR Expert will provide hardware distribution and support for the company’s customers. The partnership allows both companies to play to their strengths, with VR Expert providing the hardware and Uptale providing the software.

VR Expert Uptale VR headset

“We are looking forward to this partnership because VR Expert is a very agile and a very responsive VR/AR hardware supplier and we need such premium services and quality for our clients.” says Camille Mulquin, Immersive Learning Specialist at Uptale.

“We are totally happy to announce Uptale as a partner with us. Uptale’s portal has huge potential and we are happy to do our part as a hardware expert,” says Wendy Béquet, Director at VR Expert France.

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