VR Expert Authorised Partner of RealWear products

VR Expert Authorised Partner of RealWear products

Business VR/AR hardware and service provider VR Expert and RealWear have evolved their collaborative distribution program into an official capacity to further benefit new and existing clients looking to purchase or rent RealWear headsets in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

For any organizations seeking to unlock the potential of AR use cases like remote expertise and maintenance RealWear has partnered with VR Expert. Next to purchasing RealWear products VR Expert offers installation, customization, support and service.

This collaboration will focus on offering the RealWear HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 for business use within these key European regions. These headsets offer remote visual assist through hands-free image and video capture for the factory, field safety and compliance sectors. It also brings remote expertise to workers on the front line.

’’Our goal is to make the use of AR and remote expertise by organisations as easy as possible. With VR Expert we have found an important partner who shares the same vision as us.”



The RealWear headsets in combination with our software and service makes the business use of Augmented Reality and remote expertise an easier process for clients. This ensures the focus of their client can remain on maximizing the potential of the RealWear and AR.

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VR-Expert and VR Owl are trade names of Uil VR Solutions B.V.

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