VR Expert becomes a distributor of Remote eye remote assistance software in key European markets

VR Expert becomes a distributor of Remote eye remote assistance software in key European markets

VR Expert, the business supplier for VR and AR hardware products, has entered into an agreement with Wideum the makers of the remote assistance software Remote eye for smartphones, tablets, PCs, and smart glasses to become an official distributor of the solution in key European markets.

Wideum is a global leader in remote assistance software to empower technicians. One of these solutions is Remote eye, a remote assistance software solution based on smart glasses, PCs, and smart devices. The software allows for real-time data sharing between on-site workers and support departments. Unique to Remote eye is that multi calls can be held allowing up to 25 people to be in a call at a time, this means support from any department can be called upon without having to set up different calls or sessions. Further, the software has an array of tools to allow for better remote assistance, during sessions live annotations and drawings can be shown on the on-site user’s device, helping to reduce error and misjudgment.

VR Expert - Remote Eye Inspecting a device with smart glasses

The Remote eye software is one of the industry-leading remote assistance solutions for smart glasses and AR headsets. Remote eye is compatible with the following smart glasses; RealWear Navigator 500, RealWear HMT-1, Vuzix Blade Upgraded, Vuzix M400, Vuzix M4000, Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2. The software is also compatible with Epson, Optinvent, ThirdEye, Mad Gaze, and Iristick smart glasses. The software can also be used with most smartphones, tablets, and PC’s.

Alessandro Rivero Bottger, Channel Executive, had the following to say:

“Remote eye aims for simplicity, our approach for remote assistance is to connect two or more people from different sides of the world most easily and intuitively possible. The experts take full control of the situation and help the on-site technician who has too much on his/her end. We come from and for the industry, this is why we can reduce downtime, avoid unnecessary travel and monetize aftersales for our customers. This wouldn´t be possible without partners like VR-Expert, besides all the great people that work at Wideum, you need the local know-how and expertise of great AR/VR professionals, this is how we are able to thrive.”

While VR Expert’s CEO Marco Janmaat had the following to say:

“VR Expert’s goal continues to be helping organizations successfully implement VR/AR solutions. Each VR/AR solution, in the end, consists of two components, in this instance a smart glass and the right software. To help organizations maximize the value of AR we, therefore, need to offer not only the best in class smart glasses but also the best in class software solutions like Remote eye. By providing clients with the Remote eye software, companies can provide improved remote assistance and begin effectively preparing their organization for Workforce 4.0, opening new opportunities.”

The Remote eye software can be ordered directly through the VR Expert Website. VR Expert also offers free trials of Remote eye. In addition to this VR Expert also offers additional services to support your rollout. 

As an added bonus, VR Expert is also offering a 2.5% discount over the total price on all hardware and software bundle purchases. Organizations can profit directly from this limited-time offering by purchasing an AR headset in combination with the Remote eye software.

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