VR Expert becomes a key distributor for the AR Merge Cube and Merge EDU, the hands-on digital platform, in Key European Markets

VR Expert becomes a key distributor for the AR Merge Cube and Merge EDU, the hands-on digital platform, in Key European Markets

VR Expert, the business supplier for VR and AR hardware products, has entered into an agreement with Merge, the Hands-on Digital Teaching Aid and platform to become a key reseller and distributor in European markets.

The Merge Cube is an AR-enabled foam cube, allowing you to project almost any object into your hand using a smartphone, tablet or Chromebook, providing easily accessible and affordable AR.

Developed with education in mind, the Merge Cube uses Spatial Mapping through their digital apps available on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Microsoft Store. The apps project 3D Objects such as an artifact or DNA molecule onto the Merge Cube, which can then be interacted with through your device’s screen, appearing as if it was in the room. A unique design on the cube enables uninterrupted viewing of the object through your device even when partially covered by a hand.

The Merge Cube allows AR functionality for a small price allowing the benefits of AR to be gained without the need for headsets or delicate devices. Merge EDU  is an innovative classroom solution to allow for multisensory learning in a way textbooks can’t. What the Merge Cube does differently compared to the traditional textbook is it aids both visual & kinesthetic learning, which are two methods of learning based on seeing something and physically interacting with it. This enables students to better retain information and remain more engaged with class.

Franklin Lyons, founder of Merge said, We’re happy to partner with VR Expert to bring innovative technology into the hands of students all over the world. With just a Merge Cube and the devices students already have access to, Merge EDU unlocks a powerful multisensory experience that gets students engaged in learning.”

While VR Expert’s CEO Marco Janmaat had the following to say: “The Merge Cube is an innovative AR enabling teaching aid. Working with Merge we are able to support clients wanting to use both the Merge Cube & Merge EDU to help improve the quality of education within their schools. With the MergeCube, we can now help educational institutes maximise learning for all students, getting the best out of their educational experience, making Merge the perfect partner.”

The Merge Cube can be bought through the VR Expert website both as an AR enabled Cube & with the Merge EDU Software Classroom or Schoolwide License, enabling use for either 30 simultaneous users, or an Unlimited amount of simultaneous users. VR Expert also offers in-depth support for both the Merge Cube & the Merge EDU License to support your rollout.


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