VR Expert becomes a key reseller of BodySwaps, the Soft Skills Training Platform in Key European Markets

VR Expert becomes a key reseller of BodySwaps, the Soft Skills Training Platform in Key European Markets

VR Expert, the business supplier for VR and AR hardware products, has entered into an agreement with BodySwaps, the Soft Skills Training Platform for PC, mobile and XR Devices to become a reseller in key European markets.

BodySwaps is a company built on creating realistic simulations and using AI to provide behavioural feedback for soft skills training on XR devices. This enables users to practice and work on different scenarios. 

What is unique to the software is the swap functionality, after every simulation users can swap places to see how they have done and reacted to the situation. This reviewing process is then complimented by AI feedback that gives in-depth feedback on all aspects of the simulation including things that could be better. The software looks at characteristics such as ‘Eye Contact’, and ‘Topic Use’ and highlights how these can be improved to maximise effective communication. Through developing soft skills users can build high standards of communication, teamwork and leadership which they can transfer into the workplace.

The platform has a wide library of scenarios such as Job Interviews, Conflict Resolution Meetings and Customer Service Scenarios enabling a wide range of applications and development opportunities.

Ben Naughton-Rumbo, Commercial Director, had the following to say:

“Our goal at Bodyswaps is to build the most immersive and impactful soft-skills training on the market. By partnering with VR Expert, specialists in everything XR, we are confident that our end learners will be supported and empowered as they begin their immersive learning journey.”

While VR Expert’s CEO Marco Janmaat had the following to say:

By working with BodySwaps we can support clients wanting to look at ways they can utilise VR for soft skills development. With BodySwaps we can now provide a new application and use case for VR increasing its accessibility in training and development, making BodySwaps the perfect partner.

The BodySwaps software can be ordered directly through the VR Expert Website. VR Expert offers free trials of BodySwaps. In addition to this VR Expert also offers additional services to support your rollout. 

Interested to learn more about BodySwaps? Get in contact with our team.

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