VR Expert becomes a key reseller of Lynx MR Headsets in Key European Markets

VR Expert becomes a key reseller of Lynx MR Headsets in Key European Markets

VR Expert, the business supplier of VR and AR hardware products, has entered into an agreement with Lynx, the European mixed reality headset manufacturer to become a key reseller in European markets.

Lynx Mixed Reality, founded in 2019, is a French mixed reality company best known for its development of the Lynx-R1 headset. What is unique about Lynx as a company is its focus on creating a versatile and open device to help the VR/AR ecosystem all at an affordable price. 

The Lynx-R1 headset is the first true standalone VR and AR headset able to provide true mixed reality capabilities. The headset can easily switch between being a VR and AR device or both simultaneously, even within an application. 

Something built into the core of the Lynx philosophy is the value of data and privacy. The Lynx-R1 runs on an open operating system, which can be reviewed to ensure that correct GDPR practices are being followed. Furthermore all sensors on the device can be deactivated or the device completely turned offline to ensure data privacy.

The Lynx R1 is aimed at both professionals and prosumers, with the mixed reality capabilities giving it so much versatility for use in organisations from all industries. Some examples where it can expect to see use is in remote assistance, guided instructions and tele operations. However as more software is developed and optimized for the headset, more use cases will arise.

While Lynx’s founder and CEO, Stan Larroque, had the following to say:
We are very thankful for early movers like VR Expert to bet on Lynx for their AR and VR offering. We want to deliver the best in class Mixed Reality solution, and I’m sure VR Experts users will be delighted by the experience Lynx provides. We look forward to supporting them and see more companies in Europe and worldwide adopting Lynx as a platform for their immersive use-cases.

While VR Expert’s CEO Marco Janmaat had the following to say:
Lynx offers one of the most innovative MR experiences available. Working with Lynx enables us to support clients with a high-quality device suitable for a variety of use cases such as remote assistance, visual guided instructions or tele operations. For which we can now offer a comprehensive MR solution, making Lynx the perfect partner.”

Lynx VR Headsets can be ordered directly through the VR Expert website. In addition, VR Expert also offers additional services to support your rollout. 


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