VR Expert becomes a key reseller of Vuzix smart glasses in European markets

VR Expert becomes a key reseller of Vuzix smart glasses in European markets

VR Expert, the business supplier for VR and AR hardware products, has entered into an agreement with one of the industry leaders in Augmented Reality technology solution providers Vuzix. VR Expert will become a key reseller of the Vuzix Blade Upgraded, M400 and M4000 smart glasses in European markets.

Vuzix is an OEM company with over 25 years experience and 280 patents, providing optical technology specialized for AR solutions. What is unique about Vuzix is its smart glass form factors that are comfortable to wear, and non-obtrusive. While there AR technology provides a perfect balance of engagement in the digital and real-world thanks to innovative optics, apps and connectivity capabilities.

This in combination with sleek, ergonomic designs and long-life battery options means all-day comfort and total wearability. Vuzix offers a number of headsets currently such as the Vuzix Blade Upgraded, Vuzix M400 and Vuzix M4000.

VR Expert - Vuzix Collection

Vuzix products are in the top segment for industrial-grade smart glasses. The devices are predominantly used for remote support, teleconferencing, manufacturing, warehouse logistics and telemedicine. The smart glasses see major use in healthcare, manufacturing, warehouses and field service.

Latoya Jarrett, Global Channel & EMEAR Sales Account Manager at Vuzix, had the following to say about the partnership:
“VR Expert are an extension of our business. Their knowledge base across the wearable computing market is why our Enterprise clients enjoy working with them. ”

While VR Expert’s CEO Marco Janmaat had the following to say:
“Vuzix smart glasses offer one of the market-leading solutions for augmented and mixed reality technology. By working with Vuzix we are able to support clients in healthcare, manufacturing, warehousing and field services with appropriate smart glasses, software and service. We can now provide a comprehensive smart glass solution, making Vuzix the perfect partner.”

The Vuzix Blade Upgraded, M400 and M4000 can be ordered through the VR Expert website. In addition to this VR Expert also offers additional accessories and services to support your rollout.

Interested to learn more about the Vuzix products? Get in contact with our team to learn more.

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