VR Expert official distributor of Uvisan UVC disinfection cabinets in key European markets

VR Expert official distributor of Uvisan UVC disinfection cabinets in key European markets

VR Expert, the business supplier for VR and AR hardware products, has entered into an agreement with the UVC disinfection solution provider Uvisan to become an official distributor of the Uvisan VR12, VR20 and VR30 disinfection cabinets in key European markets.

Uvisan is a company focused on providing UVC light disinfection of rooms and equipment, with a key focus on VR and AR devices. What is unique about the Uvisan disinfection cabinets is that they kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses in only 2 minutes. Along with this, Uvisan cabinets come in three sizes, able to disinfect 12, 20 or 30 VR headsets simultaneously. Further, the cabinets all come with built-in charging ports and can be used as a storage unit for devices.

VR Expert Uvisan distributor

Uvisan products are in the top segment for UVC disinfection of VR and AR headsets. The cabinets have been tested by multiple headset makers like HP, Microsoft, RealWear and Varjo. The Uvisan cabinets see major use in the education sector, VR arcades, logistics and conferences.

Head of sales of Uvisan David Cartwright had the following to say about the partnership:

“VR and AR markets are one of the biggest drivers for sales of our UVC Cabinets and so the partnership with VR Expert is something we are incredibly excited about. With their offering of VR Hardware alongside our disinfection products, together, we are able to offer the latest in VR/AR technology with hygiene and safety included as part of the package.”

While VR Expert’s CEO Marco Janmaat had the following to say:

“The Uvisan disinfection cabinets offer one of the market-leading solutions for UVC disinfection. By working with Uvisan we are able to support our clients by providing more than simply VR and AR headsets with software and service. We can now provide cleaning and storage solutions, making Uvisan the perfect partner.”

The Uvisan VR12, VR20 and VR30 can be ordered through the VR Expert website. In addition to this VR Expert also offers additional services to support your rollout. 

Interested to learn more about the Uvisan products? Get in contact with our team to learn more.

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