Warp VR x VR Expert partnership

Warp VR x VR Expert partnership

Warp VR and VR Expert have formed a partnership. VR Expert is pleased to announce that it will support Warp VR’s leading VR training and simulation solution by providing Pico VR headsets including installation and maintenance support.

Warp VR offers an immersive learning platform to create and scale story-based VR training & onboarding scenarios for enterprise, training agencies and education. VR training helps to upskill and reskill employees by simulating controlled real-life situations using interactive 360-degree videos that otherwise would be costly to set up and ensure a standardised level of quality.

The VR training solutions from Warp VR positively impact learning results and retention, while the immersive nature of VR increases employee engagement and emotional investment. Warp VR’s solution for training and simulation furthermore enables thorough evaluation from detailed data aggregation.

Through the expertise of VR Expert with the distribution, installation and maintenance of VR hardware, Warp VR can stay focused on developing their platform.

“As one of Europe’s leading providers of VR hardware & services, VR Expert helps us to make VR training easy to share and scale. We work with them to acquire, rent, configure and maintain Pico headsets for our customers, and are impressed by their expertise and professional approach, ” says Thijs de Vries, CEO of Warp VR

“Warp VR helps enterprises to transform the way they upskill and reskill their employees using immersive learning. We are excited to be Warp VR’s partner in distributing Pico VR headsets so they can focus on the software,” says Marco Janmaat, CEO of VR Expert.


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