When will the HP Reverb G2 be shipped?

When will the HP Reverb G2 be shipped?

The HP Reverb G2 was officially launched in July, and preorders of the VR headset have been booming ever since. Initially, the headsets were to be delivered in early October. However, due to high demand, HP has postponed this date to the end of November.

However, these latest delivery times have now also become uncertain, because demand has been even higher than expected. As a result, HP does not expect to be able to fulfill all orders. Should that be the case, those who haven’t received a headset in late October or early November are expected to get their coveted HP Reverb G2 in December. It is not known how many orders have been received by HP.

It is not surprising that the Reverb G2 is so popular. The headset is distinguished by a high resolution screen, top sound quality, support of two content platforms and the most affordable price in the PC VR market. Also, the increased demand is related to Oculus’ announcement that it will discontinue the Oculus Rift S, a similar product to the Reverb G2, in December.

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