Why an all-in-one VR headset can’t do without a lanyard

Why an all-in-one VR headset can’t do without a lanyard

Every all-in-one VR headset on the market comes with a controller. This controller is connected using bluetooth and is not attached to the headset. A lanyard safely attaches the controller to the headset and is elastic, so the user doesn’t notice the controller being connected during use. But why can’t an all-in-one headset go without a lanyard?

Never switch controllers again

A classic: you have 10 VR headsets ready for a demonstration. The first visitor arrives, puts on the headset, grabs the controller and nothing happens! You start to get nervous and quickly try to find the right controller, which turns out to be quite a challenge. Meanwhile, the visitor has lost their attention and walked away.

Never lose controllers again

All-in-one VR controllers are small. They get lost regularly; forgotten during packaging or accidentally put back in the wrong place by a user. Unfortunately there is no find-my-controller function yet.

Never have to explain where the controller is

“You can find the VR headset with controller underneath your seat” is often said on events. Users grab the headset but can’t find the controller. Some have been moved by the previous user, some have rolled away.  Having to find multiple users’ controllers can cause distraction and delay in your event.


A good VR experience is in the details and a lanyard is indispensable. Looking for your VR headset’s optimal configuration?

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