Why buy VR/AR software from VR Expert?

Why buy VR/AR software from VR Expert?

It is our goal to help organisations successfully use VR/AR solutions. Each VR/AR solution in the end consists of two components, A VR/AR glass and the right software. To make it as easy as possible for organisations we offer the possibility of buying the hardware and software at one place, which has a number of benefits:

Local invoicing and billing

By purchasing software through VR Expert, we provide you with invoicing and billing in your own currency. Making invoicing easier, removing any currency risk and ensuring you there are no surprise fees or charges you need to absorb.

Discount on all hardware and software bundle purchases

Profit directly through our latest offering where with the purchase of a VR or AR headset in combination with software you will receive a 2.5% discount over the total price.

Selected software from an official reseller

VR Expert is an official reseller of all solutions in our portfolio. We select the software based on our years of experience and have tested them thoroughly. Further, this ensures that you get the best prices and contractual security backed by us and the software maker.

Experts who speak your language

Our team will support you from the beginning to the end. Consisting of over 15 experts proficient in German, Dutch, English and French working out of offices in Germany and the Netherlands. This allows us to provide advice, training and support in your native language. Working with you in similar time zones and providing you localized support when problems occur.

Free trials 

We offer free trials to test different hardware and software in your own environment, with your own staff in real scenarios. This process is guided by our experts to make sure you’re able to verify your business case. 

VR & AR hardware, software and service provider in one place

We provide VR & AR hardware and software advice, installation, support and distribution services all in one place. We can configure your headset and install your software. Ship internationally to any wished addresses and optionally can be the first line of support. Along with these services we also provide our clients with a Knowledge Base, a central hub of information to get started with the hardware and software.


If you would like to purchase software please visit the VR Software or AR Software pages to explore the possibilities.

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