Nreal announces new Enterprise headset for business market

Chinese Mixed Reality company Nreal announces an Enterprise Edition edition of the Nreal mixed reality headset. This announcement follows the news that the Nreal Light headsets will be available to consumers in Europe and the US. 

Features and specifications of the Nreal Enterprise edition

The Enterprise Edition offers the same augmented and mixed reality experience as the Light thanks to built-in 6DoF tracking, plane detection and image tracking. Either; move around freely, detect surfaces and track images. This makes it possible to place and follow objects in the environment, such as 2D media or 3D models.

Nreal Enterprise

Difference between Nreal Light and Nreal Enterprise

The main difference with the ‘Light’ version is that the glasses also work in combination with a computer or laptop, while the Light version only works with a smartphone. In addition, the Enterprise edition features a larger battery allowing for a longer operating time.

The last important difference is in the design. The Nreal Enterprise edition has a so-called Halo design, comparable to the HoloLens 2. This makes the AR glasses fit around the entire head, which provides more comfort during extended use.

Release date

Nreal worked closely with Vodafone for the Light version, the question is whether this is also the case with this business variant. The new Nreal Enterprise edition is expected at some point in 2021. It is not yet clear when Dutch companies can start using the headset.

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