Nreal Light now available in Spain

Vodafone announced that the Nreal Light will be available in Spain from June 1. The glasses use the power of the smartphone and can only be used in combination with a Next-Gen Android smartphone. They are made for everyday use and connect to a smartphone via a USB-C cable.

Advantages of the Nreal Light

The Nreal offers an accessible and qualitative AR experience. The headset is easy to use, because it can be controlled completely from a smartphone and the price of the glasses is only 300 euros, which is a lower entry price than the Vuzix Blade Upgraded. It is also one of the few AR glasses with 5G capabilities. 

The glasses come in combination with two cameras, microphones and integrated speakers, it also has a transparent display on which data can be projected. These features allow users to watch videos and browse the Internet. This makes it possible to project a lot on the transparent screen of the Nreal

The new Vodafone AR App

Vodafone added that, in collaboration with Virtual Voyagers and Optiva Media, it developed the Vodafone 5G Reality AR app. This is an app for users to control their phone from their Nreal light glasses. Users can create their own dashboard and easily launch applications from their smartglass. 

The glasses were released already in Japan and South Korea and were well received,with an average use of 49 minutes per day per unit sold. Although the mainstream use of the glasses failed to materialize. In Europe, Nreal announced an enterprise for the business market. Will the Nreal be as big a success in Spain as it was in South Korea?

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