OpenXR fully supported on the Varjo

Varjo announced that its headsets are now fully compatible with the OpenXR 1.0 standard. OpenXR makes it possible for VR / AR developers to use fewer programs, the purpose of which is to work more efficiently.  

What is OpenXR

OpenXR is an open standard made for developing heavy VR applications on multiple platforms. The goal of OpenXR is to simplify the creation of VR applications because the same coding can be used on multiple platforms.

The addition of OpenXR

The addition of OpenXR makes the Varjo more accessible, as developers do not have to write specific code for the Varjo. Developers can now easily use Varjos X3’s advanced human eye resolution, eye tracking, foveated rendering and depth understanding.

OpenXR expanded since 2019 

OpenXR has been available on Varjo since 2019, but the application has now been added to the Varjo app store. This makes OpenXR more easily available and has more functionalities. At first the application could only be downloaded via detours from the Varjo. Varjo is proud to extend the OpenXR standard for professional purposes such as: training, simulation, medical and academic use.

In addition to OpenXR, the Varjo supports; Unity, Unreal Engine and hundreds of other industrial 3D software tools. Here you will find a whole list of supporting software.

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