Pico Interactive receives an investment of 40 million dollars

Pico Interactive announces that the most recent round of investment has been completed with $ 37.4 million in investments. With the extra money, Pico wants to increase its grip on the Asian consumer market and attract more B2B partners in the Western market. The investments show that investors see the potential in Pico to increase market share.

What will Pico do with the investment?

Pico received a total of $ 67.23 million in investments in the second round of investment. According to the CEO of Pico Interactive, the money will go towards developing new technologies, expanding the Asian Pico store and, supporting Western B2B partners. It is not yet clear how the Western B2B partners will be supported.

A new Pico headset

In 2020 Pico released four new VR headsets. The Neo 2 and Neo 2 Eye with which are room-scale headsets and the G2 4K S, G2 4K Enterprise where the user can only look around him and not walk.

The Neo’s are room-scale VR headsets with 4K resolution. Roomscale means that the user has the opportunity to walk around and look around the virtual environment. The Neo 2 Eye also has eye-tracking. Eye-tracking makes it possible to analyze eye movements, which makes it possible to monitor behavior. The Pico Neo 3 will be released later this year, nothing is known about this headset yet.

Buy Pico Neo 2 Eye

In 2020 Pico improved the successful G2 4K VR headset, but the G2 4K Enterprise is still Pico’s most advanced 3DoF headset. 3DoF means that the user can look around in a virtual world, but not walk around. In addition, the Pico G2 4K S is no longer sold and produced.

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