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The VR Expert Podcast invites listeners to geek out with some of the heroes pushing boundaries in the VR and AR world.

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VR Expert Podcast - Magic Horizons

07 – Magic Horizons CEO Giorgio Koppehele

In this episode of the VR Expert Podcast, we sat down with Magic Horizons CEO Giorgio Koppehele. In the …

06 – Wideum’s Lionel Graf & Alessandro Rivero Bottger

We sat down with the Wideums, Lionel Graf & Alessandro Rivero Bottger. In the interview, we went into depth …

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05 – ArborXR’s Co-founders Brad Scoggin and Jordan Williams

We sat down with the co-founders of ArborXR, Brad Scoggin and Jordan Williams. In the interview, we went into …

04 – Antony Vitillo (aka Skarredghost): New Technology Walkers Founder

We recently sat down with Antony Vitillo also known as Skarredghost. Antony is one of the co-founders of New …

03 – David Cartwright: Head of Sales for Uvisan

In this episode of the VR Expert Podcast we sat down with David Cartwright, Head of Sales at Uvisan. …

02 – Urho Konttori: Varjo Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Shortly after the launch of the Varjo Aero, we sat down with Urho Konttori, Founder and Chief Technology Officer …

01 – Oliver Wöhler: Commercial Director Northern Europe for Pico Interactive

Shortly after the release of the Pico Neo 3 Pro in Europe, we sat down with Oliver Wöhler, Commercial …

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