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Quest 2 Headstrap KIWI Design

47,- excl. VAT

  • Improves the comfort of the Quest 2
  • Balances the headset better
  • Request a quotation
  • Suitable for Quest 2
In Stock
47,- excl. VAT

Product Information Quest 2 Headstrap KIWI Design

The Quest 2 Headstrap KIWI Design is a head strap designed for the Quest 2 including a rear head support to counterbalance the headset.


  • Helps secure the Quest 2
  • High levels of comfort
  • Acts as a counterweight for the Quest 2Balances the Quest 2 Headset


  • Makes the Quest 2 bulkier

Product specifications

Suitable for: Meta Quest 2 Color: Black
Brand: KIWI Design Warranty: 18 months


Quest 2 Headstrap KIWI Design

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