Remote support and collaboration with the RealWear HMT-1

In this article we’ll cover what AR Remote Expertise is and why the RealWear HMT-1 is the best option.

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Remote support, assistance or expertise?

What is needed for Remote Support?

RealWear HMT-1: The best AR headset for remote support

Choosing the Right Software for RealWear HMT1

Getting Started with Remote Expertise

Remote support, assistance or expertise?

Remote expertise goes by different names. Some call it ‘remote support’ or ‘remote assistance’ or ‘remote expertise’. While the terminology differs the word ‘remote’ is used in almost every instance.  The technology allows multiple people to collaborate while not being in the same physical location. The addition of Augmented Reality (AR) refers to the fact that in most cases a smartglass or AR headset is used which is mounted on the users head. This allows you to share your point of video using a camera, while keeping your hands free.

What is needed for Remote Support?

  1. Two people in on remote locations
  2. A device for the field worker. This headset can be an AR headset but also be a smartphone or other device with video connectivity options
  3. A remote computer with software expertise
  4. A server which makes the connection between the device and the computer
  5. An internet connection

RealWear HMT-1: The best AR headset for remote support

There are several AR headsets for sale that offer the possibilities for remote support. We did extensive research on the most suitable headsets for this purpose and quickly came up with the RealWear HMT-1 headset. This AR headset is most suitable for several reasons. First of all, the RealWear HMT-1 has an excellent build quality, it is suitable for outdoor use and for use with hardhats and helmets.

In terms of connectivity, the AR device stands out above all else thanks to the excellent video sound quality and it can be operated by voice commands. Moreover, it has WiFi and can be expanded with 3G or 4G possibilities. These are the main features of the RealWear headset, with a brief explanation of why these functions are important:

The display

The RealWear has an LCD screen that is made for outdoor use. With 24 bit colors and a resolution of 854 × 480 pixels, the information on the screen remains legible even under difficult conditions. The screen can also be adjusted so that it is in the correct position and distance for each person.


The built-in microphone allows interlocutors to communicate easily. In addition, the microphone is also used for voice control. This promotes hands-free working. When used in a noisier environment, voice control can be difficult, therefore alternative forms of control are always possible.

Loudspeaker and headphone connections

It goes without saying that in addition to a microphone, a loudspeaker or headphone connection must also be present. The possible ambient noise also plays a role here. With noise reduction, or noise-canceling the RealWear is suited for loud, industrial environments.


With the camera, images can be streamed live, or recorded for later viewing. A distinction is usually made between video recordings and photography. In addition, video is mainly used during live sessions in which a perfect recording of pixels is of secondary importance, while photos have a higher resolution so that zooming is possible.


Connectivity is the keyword when working remotely and working together. There are various methods for this that are comparable to the communication interfaces as they are also used in smartphones. Because wireless WiFi will not be available everywhere, much use is made of a wireless 3G, 4G or 5G network. Bluetooth is also an option for wireless local connections.

RealWear accessoires

The RealWear has many AR accessories such as extra batteries and clips for attaching to helmets and caps.

RealWear software

Besides the hardware, the software is also important. This applies on the one hand to the operating system, which to AR headsets usually run on Android, and on the other hand file management. Recordings are recorded by the user, while a remote expert can remotely add files for playback such as instructions or a manual.

With this kind of hardware, the software is relatively modest, usually no extensive desktop will be visible. This is also not necessary because the actions are often very specific. A streamlined interface will save time and costs. RealWear also has various software packages that enable management of multiple devices. Ideal for larger organizations.

RealWear Price

The RealWear HMT-1 price is around 2000 euro’sm excluding any accessoires or software. You can purchase the RealWear or get a custom quote from one of our Experts.

Remote support software

There are various AR applications on the market where the basic is video calling. In addition, unique functionalities are offered per platform and the level of support and of course the costs differ.


This is a pioneer in augmented reality management platform solutions. This software is platform independent and works on the basis of natural interactions. It is possible to collaborate in real time, the software works contextually for increased efficiency and can also perform predictive actions.

  • Connect to Android and iOS devices.
  • Video connection to desktop, laptop and mobile.
  • Support for push messages.
  • Remote control of the zoom and lamp to ‘steer’ the employee.
  • In addition to online functionality, also offline file management.


This is a specialist in software solutions for portable devices in various sectors, including medical, industrial, telecommunications, automotive and logistics. A separate branch has been established for each sector, such as BMed for medical applications and BGuard for security.

  • Clear division into sectors.
  • Works with multiple AR glasses.
  • Own cloud storage for recording calls.
  • Hands-free working thanks to optimization for wearables.
  • Optional thermal camera to detect infrared radiation.


This is not exactly a young startup, but an established company that also offers solutions for remote AR. The applications work closely together with other Cisco products and services, for example AnyConnect access options for VPN, Remote Access and configuration of RADIUS, TACACS and LDAP.

  • Live chat and video.
  • Remote control by specialist.
  • Robust Cisco backbone and toolset.
  • Exchange files between participants.
  • Fast connection thanks to click-to-connect protocol.


This is a specialist in Field Services, in addition to RealWear, support is also provided for the Vuzix M400 AR headset, mobile devices and web browsers. For example, different systems can be linked together at various locations, which can significantly increase productivity.

  • Support for multiple devices.
  • Works in the web browser and on mobile.
  • Mechanics can immediately submit a request for assistance.
  • Work hands-free with just a small tap on the device for interaction.


This is a well-known brand for both consumers and the business market, they have now also developed a Movilizer platform for hands-free computing that works on the RealWear HMTK-1Z1 headset. The “expert on call” feature quickly establishes a connection with an expert at a different location. Based on geolocation, it is possible to quickly evacuate the location in a dangerous situation.


The solution of this company mainly focuses on live audio-video connection for online collaboration and assistance. Thanks to the integration of Skype, Zoom and Microsoft Teams, the software can be used within an existing environment, which can considerably lower the threshold.

Microsoft Teams

In addition to the HoloLens mixed reality headset, Dynamic 365 Remote Assist also works on other mobile platforms with which Android and iOS devices can also be included in the workflow. Familiar applications can be used, files can be added directly for real-time collaboration and assistance

  • 1-on-1 communication, including HoloLens and mobile.
  • Control of outgoing video and audio.
  • Send text files if it suits you better.
  • Share files easily via OneDrive.
  • Record conversations.


This Field Ready system works on many platforms including Windows, Android, iOS and Mac, and supports multiple wearables. The scalable system is used in various sectors, including the maritime sector and in space travel, such as at ISS.


This is a well-known specialist in collaboration tools, they also have a Pilot edition that allows the use of TeamViewer on portable devices. TeamViewer supports AR glasses from Vuzix, Epson and RealWear, the integration within companies is easy because TeamViewer is often used for desktop and mobile.


This company has developed solutions for both virtual reality and augmented reality, each with its own application possibilities. Using AR, a remote expert can be called in to support complex operations. It is possible to superimpose digital 3D models on the actual situation.

Choosing the right software for the RealWear

The proliferation of software sometimes makes it difficult to make the right choice. Advice is to make an assessment on the points below.


Do you only want to make video calls or should functions such as recordings, markers and data transfer be possible? List your requirements and compare the different providers. It can also pay off to start with a cheaper package with fewer functionalities and to scale up when the wishes change.

Platform and hardware

We believe that the best solutions for remote collaboration are platform independent. This means that the software works on multiple operating systems as well as hardware. As a rule, an Android and web based solution works best for companies because of its flexibility and accessibility.


When using Microsoft Teams or TeamViewer within an organization, it is obvious to use remote AR from the same organizations. Depending on the integration possibilities within the organization, an extension of a current system or a completely separate system can be chosen.


Sensitive information is communicated via remote expertise. With regard to security and privacy, it can offer the advantage of not fully integrating the augmented reality platform with other business software. To do this, the software must offer the option of being hosted (on-premise) within its own environment.


The costs of the platforms vary. Think carefully about the desired functionalities and future wishes. We believe that a solution that scales based on usage is the most practical. For example by adding new devices or users.

Getting started with Remote Expertise and the RealWear

Our team has done a lot of research and experience with the above solutions. We are happy to advise you on the best solution for remote expertise.
Feel free to contact one of our experts for tailor-made advice or for more information read our extensive RealWear HMT-1 review

Interested in learning how to implement Remote Support in your organisation? Download our free guide to learn how.


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