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3 Day Free Trial to test, evaluate and begin integrating AR in to your organisation

The 3 day Trial period will provide you a full scale testing and training period for your desired AR headset. With the trial you will get:

3 day free trial to see and feel the device

How does the device feel? How good is the audio? How good is the camera? Use the trial to explore the product.

Training and product walkthrough from an Expert

You will get a detailed training and walkthrough of the product by an expert, they will get you up and running with the device

Test and get advice on different software platforms

Our devices come with a variety of enterprise software platforms. So you can test and find out which software is suited for your use case

Post Trial Evaluation

After your trial, we discuss with you all your feedback and comments. With this feedback we will help you outline the best package and servcices

What comes with the device:

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The Trial Process

1. Introduction meeting

At the beginning of the process, we first organise a virtual meeting. During this virtual meeting we go through the possibilities and capabilities of the device, the accessories and answer all your questions. We not only provide product information, but also inform you about the different software solutions that are possible in combination with the device. We also discuss your organisation’s use case and the date of your trial.

2. Test process

After the introduction, VR Expert offers a free three-day trial period of the device so that you can experience and test for yourself what the headset has to offer. Once you have received the device, we offer a short training session so that you can start using the headset immediately.

3. Evaluation of the trial

At the end of the trial phase, we collect all relevant feedback. Based on this, we make any changes to provide you with the best possible service. You can think of other software options that better suit your needs. It’s also possible to see if certain accessories fit your suitcase better.

4. Scale up

Once the assessment is complete and an agreement has been reached, we help integrate it into your organisation. Think of additional information for your IT department, the creation of a prefabricated package that can be delivered directly to the factory, or additional tailor-made guidance.

Software Options:

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