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Product Reviews

Jan 02, 2023 14 minutes

Magic Leap 2 Review

Magic Leap pivoted to enterprises and away from consumers, restructuring itself. Since then, numerous eyes have been on the AR legacy company, on how this pivot would reflect ...

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Nov 25, 2022 17 minutes

Meta Quest Pro Review

The successor to the market-leading Oculus Quest 2 has been announced and released, called Meta Quest Pro. This headset signifies Meta's foray into enterprise VR with a higher ...

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Oct 31, 2022 17 minutes

Pico 4 Enterprise Review

In this Pico 4 Enterprise review, we will cover its rich feature set, specifications, and performance, ending with a price comparison and conclusion. Ultimately, this is to help ...

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Sep 23, 2022 12 minutes

Pico 4 Review

In this extensive Pico 4 review, we will analyze the key features, prices, specifications and performance of the headset to see if it has earned the title as ...

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Aug 30, 2022 11 minutes

Microsoft HoloLens 2 Review

Released in 2019, the Microsoft HoloLens 2 is one of the most popular of all augmented reality headsets on the market. But is the headset also the best ...

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Jul 31, 2022 11 minutes

Pico Neo 3 Link Review

In April 2022, Pico announced the release of the company's first B2C VR headset: the Pico Neo 3 Link. This came just a year after Pico Interactive was ...

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Jun 27, 2022 12 minutes

Meta Quest 2 Review

The Meta Quest 2, which is also known as the Oculus Quest 2, offers outstanding features like 120 Hz refresh rate, wireless streaming and hand tracking.

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May 31, 2022 14 minutes

Vuzix M400 Review

The Vuzix M400 is a monocular smart glass that has been on the market since 2019. It is one of the lightest smart glasses available at only 182 ...

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Apr 28, 2022 10 minutes

HTC Vive Pro 2 Full Kit Review

Compared to the first Vive Pro, the Vive Pro 2 has received some significant upgrades. In addition to the improved resolution, the headset has also received a 120 ...

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Mar 31, 2022 14 minutes

HTC Vive Focus 3 Review

The HTC Vive Focus 3 has received some significant upgrades over its predecessor the HTC Vive Focus Plus, such as more processing power, increased refresh rate and improved ...

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Feb 28, 2022 11 minutes

HP Reverb G2 Review

The HP Reverb G2 is the successor to the original HP Reverb. We wanted to find out to what extent the HP Reverb G2 has improved and how ...

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Jan 26, 2022 11 minutes

Varjo Aero Review

With the launch of the Varjo Aero, Varjo taps into the PC VR prosumer market. The Aero has the potential to be the best PC VR headset for ...

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