At VR Expert, we want you to enjoy your products carefree. We therefore offer various services to provide you with the best possible support.

When purchasing the installation service, we prepare your VR or AR headset ready by configuring the headset in advance and installing the desired application and / or 360 content.

When purchasing the support desk, you can contact our experts directly for questions or problems (working days 9:00-17: 00 CET) so that you can get back to work as quickly as possible.

With event support you receive on-site support from experts who support you in the AR or VR part of your event.

The free trial service will provide you a full scale testing and training period for your desired AR or VR headset to help you evaluate the solution for your use case.



How to contact customer support in case something is wrong with my order?
In case you ordered with us and have a question about the status of your order you can mail our support team or fill in our contact form. This is only available if you ordered your headset through VR Expert. If you bought the Support service with your order you can always call us on our support number during workdays. This support includes questions about the use of the headset, possible issues with the headset and high priority support.
How long is the standard warranty on the headsets?
Yes we offer a standard warranty of 1 year for most of our products. There might be exceptions, all warranty durations are mentioned on the product pages.
Can you provide software with the hardware products?
Yes, we can deliver multiple software solutions fitting for both VR and AR headsets. Some examples are TeamViewer Frontline, ArborXR and Remote Eye. We are also in close contact with a VR & AR software agency called VROwl who can provide custom built VR & AR training prgrams, 360 degree videos and more.
Which services do you provide?
We offer a whole range of services to relieve you. Installation, support desk and event support services are our main pillars.
Do u offer a trial period with the hardware & software?
Yes, in the regions Benelux & Germany we offer a 3 day trial for most VR & AR headsets with fitting software. We offer a VR trial, AR trial and a software trial.
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