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Silent VR cable management KIWI Design -3 pcs



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Product information Silent VR cable management KIWI Design -3 pcs

The Silent VR cable management KIWI Design is a cable management system designed for Tethered PC-VR Gaming.

The Cable Management System is designed to attach to a secure object either permanently or temporarily such as a ceiling. PC-VR Tethered cables need to be clipped into the retractable cable built into the Cable Management System which is able to extend & retract depending on your movement enabling 360 degree movement where you can move up to 1.8 meters away from the Cable Management System. This helps to avoid tethered cables from becoming tangled on the floor creating a potential trip hazard or just being an inconvenience to your experience.

The cable itself is highly compatible working with the HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, Vive Cosmos, Rift, Rift S, Playstation VR, Microsoft Hololens 2, Samsung Odyssey VR, Valve Index VR & other headsets. 

Pros and cons

Avoids PC-VR Cables becoming tangled

High compatibility

Easy to use

Retractable cable is only 1.8 meters long

Product specifications

Brand: KIWI Design Wire length: 1.8 meters
Colour: Black Warranty: 1 year

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Silent VR cable management KIWI Design -3 pcs

  • Is it compatible with every headset?

    Yes, it works with every headset that uses a cable to connect to the PC or laptop.

  • How loud are the pulleys?

    The pulley system was designed to stay under the threshold of 30dB. This ensures that you won’t be distracted while in VR.

  • How do I install the pulley system?

    There are two possibilities to attach it to your ceiling. The pulley system comes with adhesive hooks and screw hooks. Depending on your ceiling and if you want to keep it permanently attached one of these will sooth your need. 

    The adhesive hooks are tooless and easy to install while the screw hooks require a bit more time and expertise.

  • What comes in the box?

    3 cable management pulleys 

    3 ceiling hook screws

    1 allen wrench

    4 adhesive hooks