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TeamViewer Frontline Spatial Editor

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  • Create Augmented Reality Content for your workplace.
  • Works with Microsoft HoloLens 2
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What is TeamViewer Frontline Spatial?

TeamViewer Frontline Spatial is the 3D part of the Frontline solution. This includes a tool for creating workflows, the Frontline Spatial Editor, as well as the smart glass application Frontline Spatial Workplace. TeamViewer Frontline Spatial allows you to create an immersive experience for your workforce providing digital information, 3D elements and multi-media content. Examples of use cases include Quality Assurance, Training & onboarding and Product expertise.

Software features

Create Interactive content in AR environments

TeamViewer Frontline Spatial enables users to be provided with 3D workflows. With Frontline Spatial companies can add a new dimension to industrial workplaces such as digital information, 3D elements and multi-media content, creating a more engaging working experience. This allows for the activation of different learning styles through the provision of interactive examples & content.

Integrate Pins and Action Points

Pins are tapable 3D Elements such as checklists or notes that can be attached to virtual objects as a visual aid. They can be engaged with furthering knowledge and allowing users to experiment with scenarios & products avoiding damaging expensive equipment & prototypes. Pins can be enhanced through images, videos, sound, speech or 3D animations.

Drag & Drop Modelling

Within the TeamViewer Frontline Spatial Editor, companies can use the drag & drop functionality to create the Spatial workflows. The drag & drop system allows for an easy to use experience which requires no programming skills. This simplifies the creation of training programs and workflows.

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Reasons to buy from VR Expert

Compatible products

TeamViewer Frontline Spatial allows your company to expand on the features already offered by TeamViewer Frontline! Frontline Spatial allows you to use interactive 3D content in your workflows, increasing productivity, efficiency and process quality. TeamViewer Spatial Editor can be run on a Windows desktop and the visualizations on the Microsoft Hololens 2

Choose a plan for your organization

We give you the option to decide how much you need to use.


Software on request

  • 1 year
  • Unlimited workflows
  • 1x Desktop Spatial Editor
  • 1x Spatial functionality for Hololens 2
  • Quiz Functionalities with instant feedback
  • No programming skills required
  • Requires active TeamViewer Frontline subscription


Frontline Spatial

Can I use TeamViewer Frontline Spatial on my RealWear Navigator 500?

TeamViewer Spatial is only compatible with binocular AR glasses like the Microsoft Hololens 2. This means it’s not compatible with the Realwear Navigator 500 or other comparable singular AR glasses like the Vuzix or Google Glass.

Do I need programming skills to create Spatial workflows?

The workflows in TeamViewer Spatial can be made without any programming skills required. The workflows are created with an intuitive drag & drop system. It is possible to enable further content creation by importing XML or CSV data and deploying it instantly to all your devices at once.

Does TeamViewer Spatial work on the Magic Leap?

At the moment TeamViewer Frontline Spatial does not work on the Magic Leap devices. There are future plans to make the software available on the Magic Leap 2 but a release date is not known yet.

For what use cases can TeamViewer Spatial be used?

TeamViewer Frontline Spatial excels in providing solutions for the following use cases:

  • Training & Onboarding
    • Guide your workforce through demanding processes in assembly, maintenance or quality inspection.
  • Quality Management
    • Simplify final checks and guarantee quality with augmented reality.
  • Product Expertise
    • Upskill your workforce on complex machinery or products by letting them experience them by adding holograms, information or videos.
In which industries does TeamViewer Frontline Spatial excel?

TeamViewer Frontline Spatial provides real value for training and product expertise solutions. These solutions are best applicable in:

  • Manufacturing
    • To introduce high quality training to work with complex and possibly dangerous machinery.
  • Transportation & Logistics
    • Training digitally and providing ways to show warehouses with possible products and customers while keeping all processes running.
  • Pharma & MedTech
    • Efficiently train your workforce for highly sensitive and safety-relevant tasks
Is there a trial available for TeamViewer Frontline Spatial?

Yes, we offer you the option to run a trial with just the software, or a combination of software with fitting hardware. This way you can experience TeamViewer Frontline Spatial and get an idea how the software works and if it’s right for you.

What are the requirements to run TeamViewer Frontline Spatial?

The TeamViewer Spatial Editor requires the following PC specifications:

Processor: 4 cores at 3,6 GHz or faster, Core i7-7700

Operating system: Windows 10 (64-bit)

Memory: 16GB RAM

Storage: 2,5GB available disk space

Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 (4GB VRAM) or better


TeamViewer Spatial Workplace requires the following specifications to run correctly:


Hardware: iOS device with an A9 or later processor and compatibility with the ARKit

Supported devices: iPhone SE / iPhone 6 or later, iPad 5th generation or later

Operating system: iOS 12 or higher

Storage: 200MB of available disk space


Hardware: Android device with compatibility with ARCore

Supported devices: A full list of supported devices can be found here

Operating system: Android 7 or later

Storage: 200MB of available disk space


Hardware: Microsoft HoloLens 2

Operating system: Windows 10

Storage: 200MB of available disk space

What file formats are supported?

CAD Files

  • IGES (.igs, .iges);
  • STEP (.step, .stp);
  • JT (.jt);
  • ACIS (.acis);
  • XCGM (.xcgm);
  • CATIA V5 1 (.catproduct, .catpart);
  • 3DExperience (CATIA V6) 2 (.3dxml);
  • SolidWorks 8 (.par, .asm);
  • SolidWorks 9, 10 (.sldprt, .sldasm);
  • NX 5 (.prt);
  • DFX/DWG 3 (.dwg, .dxf);
  • Inventor 4 (.ipt, .iam);
  • Parasolid 6 (.x_t, .x_b);
  • VDA-FS (.vda, .vdafs);
  • STL (.stl);
  • FBX (.fbx);
  • OBJ (.obj)


  • PNG
  • JPG
  • JPEG


  • MP4
  • AVI
  • MOV
  • MPEG
  • GIF
  • FLV
  • OGG
  • WMV


  • WAV
What’s the price of TeamViewer Frontline Spatial?

TeamViewer Frontline Spatial costs 780 per year. For the first year, the cost will be 1140 as there is a 360 euro cost to install the TeamViewer Spatial server.