Sony shows new VR Controller for PS5

After the announcement of a new VR headset for the PS5 , Sony presents the new controllers in this week’s blog post. The VR controllers have an updated design and a number of unique features.

New design VR Controller PS5

The first thing that strikes you is the new design, which looks a lot tighter. The design looks a lot tighter and can compete with the Oculus Quest or Pico Neo 2 controllers. The ring on the outside looks recognizable and, according to Sony, provides more freedom of movement and balance.

Sony designed the new controller with ergonomics in mind, giving the VR controllers an excellent balance. Moreover, they can be used for a long time, even with people with somewhat larger hands. Good news for us Europeans who previously had complaints about the relatively small PlayStation controllers.

Features VR Controller PS5

The Japanese company has decades of design experience, which comes in handy with the new VR controller that has been developed ‘from the ground up.’ Functions of the widely acclaimed DualSense controllers are also reflected in the VR controllers, such as haptic feedback (vibration) that has now been perfected by Sony.

The new ‘adaptive triggers’ are intended to take the gaming experience to the next level by applying less or more counter pressure during certain actions, such as shooting a bow.

In addition, the controllers detect your fingers without pressing a button, which ensures more freedom of movement for the hands.

Release VR controllers

Sony does not comment on a possible release date, just like the VR headset, that remains a guess. Prototypes of the controllers will be sent to developers shortly, indicating a release is not far away.

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