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Standalone VR

  • Which standalone VR glasses should I choose?

    There are many applications for virtual reality. Most apps fall into one of these three main categories. 360 video, games and productivity. The technical requirements for 360 videos are relatively low, which means that you can often be satisfied with a cheaper model of standalone VR glasses. Games require a bit more computing power, although good VR controllers and accurate spatial tracking are crucial here. A connection to the PC is obvious for productivity, but there are mobile systems and apps that allow users to get creative themselves.

  • What is Standalone VR?

    Standalone VR, also known as all-in-one VR, refers to virtual reality systems that operate independently without the need for external devices like a computer or a smartphone. These VR headsets have all the necessary components, such as processors, sensors, displays, and batteries, built-in. This makes them more convenient and user-friendly, as they are wireless and self-contained, offering a more accessible and portable VR experience. Standalone VR headsets are ideal for a wide range of applications, from gaming and education to business and training, providing an immersive experience without the complexity of additional hardware.

  • Can you play Standalone VR without a PC?

    Yes, this is possible. Standalone VR headsets can be run completely without any cables or computers.

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