The 4 Best AR Headsets for Business Use

This article describes the special features of four AR headsets. These glasses are being used more and more by businesses these days as they are great for remote working. Especially since the outbreak of Covid-19, these smart glasses have been able to help companies ensure that employees can work efficiently without having to be in physical proximity of one another.

Our list of the best AR headsets for enterprise use

We’ve selected four headsets which are available now and are best suited for use cases within the B2b domain.

RealWear HMT-1

The RealWear HMT-1 is currently the best-selling AR smart glasses. These AR glasses have a built-in camera with which the environment can be easily recorded and shared. Useful for remote work. Due to the four digital microphones and the built-in background noise cancellation, almost no external noise can be heard with these glasses.

The RealWear HMT-1 can be controlled completely hands-free using voice and has a robust design that makes the glasses ideal for use in industrial environments. Another advantage is the relatively long battery life of around six hours. For fans of the touchpad, it can be a disadvantage that these glasses can only be controlled by voice.

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Vuzix Blade Upgraded

These AR glasses have a digital transparent screen that is integrated into the right glass. After the Vuzix Blade app has been downloaded, a user can connect the glasses to their smartphone via WiFi or Bluetooth. Users can also choose between hands-free voice control or using a touchpad on the outside of the right eyeglass frame.

One advantage of the Vuzix Blade Upgraded is that it is easy to wear: the glasses feel like sunglasses. A disadvantage is that the glasses are not waterproof and therefore not ideal for industrial use. A smartphone is also required to use the glasses.

Vuzix M400

The Vuzix M400 is an AR headset with the screen in front of the left or right eye. The screen angle can be adjusted simultaneously with the built-in camera. Just like the Vuzix Blade, these glasses can also be controlled using hands-free voice control or a touchpad. The glasses are easy to use and do not have to be connected to a smartphone.

Due to their drop, water and dust resistance, these safety glasses are also ideal for working in rugged environments. Voice control is available in six languages, while the Vuzix Blade is only available in two languages. A disadvantage can be that the glasses have a battery life of two to three hours, just like the Vuzix Blade.

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Microsoft HoloLens 2

The Microsoft Hololens 2 is the most advanced and innovative AR glasses currently available. With these glasses, 3D objects can be placed in the real world, so Microsoft Hololens 2 is suitable for 3D visualization.

The glasses can be navigated with voice and hand gestures and are mainly used for lifelike training, simulations and the visualization of 3D objects. A disadvantage can be that the glasses are not suitable for industrial environments.

The Best AR Headset for your business use case

The RealWear HMT-1 and Vuzix M400 are best suited for industrial use and are currently widely used for remote work. The Vuzix Blade is not suitable for industrial environments but is a simple entry-level model due to the low price.

Of the AR glasses mentioned above, the Microsoft Hololens 2 offers the most options, but is still difficult to use in industrial environments and is therefore mainly used for visualizations and training.

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