The HTC Vive Air not being released during ViveCon

Recently several pictures and details of the HTC Vive Air leaked out. The HTC Vive Air would be the first fitness focussed VR headset. According to various sources, the headset would be presented at ViveCon, but HTC reported that the HTC Vive Air will not be presented at ViveCon 2021. The leaked concept has already won a design award, but HTC says the headset is just a concept.

Vive Air wins “If Design” award

HTC was happy to win an If Design award, as the headset’s design is comparable to many other Vive models. HTC stressed that they are now focusing on the upcoming ViveCon this month

Another headset announced at ViveCon?

HTC’s statement does not rule out similar products being announced at ViveCon. The company has teased a headset reveal at ViveCon, they revealed the HTC Vive Pro 2 and the HTC Vive focus 3, but the pictures and hints so far suggest the arrival of an enterprise-focused model, just like the HTC Vive Focus Plus.

Chances VR glasses for fitness

Fitness VR glasses could become a success in the times of a lockdown, especially because sports at home are now extremely popular. The HTC Vive Air would have to meet many requirements, such as: a light design, washable design and of course resistant to sweating.

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