The release date of the Pico Neo 3 is known

Pico Interactive, the company behind the Pico G2 4K and Neo 2, is releasing a new all-in-one VR headset. Via the Chinese social media platform Weibo, Pico announced that the Pico Neo 3 releases on the 10th of May in China

What is already known about the Pico Neo 3

Details about the Pico Neo 3 are limited. Pico announced that the Pico Neo 3 comes out this year, in notes from the second investment round. Pico later announced via Weibo that the headset has a Qualcomm XR2 chipset. This is the same as the reference model of Qualcomm itself.

Design and controllers Pico Neo 3

The design of the Pico Neo 3 is very similar to its predecessor, only the Neo 3 is slightly rounder, and the cameras on the front of the headset are less visible. The new controllers contain tracking rings on top of the controllers. This is very similar to the design of the Quest 2 controllers.

Pico Studios

Pico wants to add more applications to the Pico Store, so they set up Pico studios. As a result, developers made more than 400 games and/or applications together with Pico, such as Superhot VR and Angry birds VR. Unfortunately, these applications are only available for the Asian market. This is because Pico mainly focuses on the business market and less on the consumer market.


Pico Neo 3 European market

Pico Interactive does not sell headsets to consumers on the European market, the Pico Neo 3 did launch for consumers in Asia. However, they do sell their headsets to companies through official distributors. It is still unclear when the Pico Neo 3 will be available in Europe and The Netherlands.

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