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Altrimex Use Case - VR Expert

Altrimex – Vuzix M400

Client: Altrimex After Sales
Hardware: Vuzix M400
Services: Service / Maintenance of Packaging Machinery
Software: Remote Eye


The customer

Altrimex Packaging Solutions is a leading company in providing efficient integration of packaging machines. They offer a comprehensive package of services, including installation, commissioning, training, done by there After Sales dept. malfunction teleservice, online IT service, on-site service, direct delivery of spare parts, periodic maintenance, optimization, and revision. Altrimex is dedicated to maintaining a high level of service and constantly seeks ways to enhance their service offerings.

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The Challenge


While Altrimex has been successful in providing remote support to their clients, they recognize that there are specific scenarios where a more efficient and interactive solution could be beneficial.

Altrimex seeks to identify and implement new technologies that can address these unique client needs, enhancing their remote support capabilities and further improving service efficiency.

The Solution:

Altrimex is in the process of integrating the Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses as part of their remote assistance trial, recognizing the potential these glasses have in enhancing their service offerings for specific types of clients. The smart glasses are expected to enable Altrimex’s service department to provide live instructions to machine operators, guiding them through troubleshooting and maintenance processes. The support agent at Altrimex will also be able to make drawings in the live view of the VR glasses, enhancing communication and reducing the likelihood of errors.

Altrimex Use Case - VR Expert 3

By implementing the Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses, Altrimex aims to:

  • Provide real-time remote support to clients with unique needs, reducing downtime and increasing overall efficiency.
  • Train junior engineers and machine operators more effectively, as they could receive live guidance while wearing the smart glasses.
  • Offer a more comprehensive package of services, including remote support and training tailored to specific client requirements.
  • Improve response times for technical malfunctions by allowing specialized technicians to diagnose and resolve issues remotely in certain situations.
  • Enhance their service offering, bringing their service value to a higher and more efficient level for select clients.

By implementing the Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses, Altrimex is adding a new option to their service portfolio that could lead to improved service efficiency for specific client needs. This innovative solution has the potential to transform Altrimex’s approach to client support, training, and maintenance, ensuring a carefree and efficient integration of packaging machines for their clients.

Altrimex Use Case - VR Expert 2

“With this new application using the Vuzix M400 and Remote Eye Software, we’ll bring our service-value to a higher and more efficient level.” – Eric Smeets, Manager After Sales at Altrimex Packaging Solutions

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