VR Expert - BirthVR Use case

BirthVR – Pico G2 4K

Client: BirthVR
Application: Pain and stress relief
Hardware: Pico G2 4K
Services: Consulting, installation, shipment

VR Expert Pico G2 4K overview

The client

BirthVR is a software company that was founded in 2021 by a gynecologist and a resident of the Zuyderland Medical Center Heerlen/Sittard in the Netherlands. The company is working on providing a solution to help women feel less stress and less pain during all phases of childbirth.

The idea of using Virtual Reality for this came after they got the results of a qualitative study about VR experience during labour. In this study they focused on the experience, satisfaction and preference of VR during the time of childbirth. All patients were very happy with their VR experience during pregnancy, stating that it made them feel more relaxed and experienced less pain and stress.

After these promising results, the two developed the BirthVR software. BirthVR is an innovative VR application that can be used for pain relief and relaxation for pregnant women. This is done through guided meditation exercises for relaxation, concentration and breathing.

The challenge

BirthVR was looking for a hardware partner who could support the company in choosing the right VR hardware. The goal was to develop a kit consisting of hardware together with the pre-installed BirthVR software.

It was essential that the VR headset be well suited for this particular use case. After all, giving birth is a very intense, personal and less than hygienic experience. That’s why it was important for BirthVR to choose the hardware very carefully.

VR Expert - BirthVR Kit Pico G2 4K
VR Expert - BirthVR Pregnancy

The solution

The decision was made to use the Pico G2 4K as the VR headset for the BirthVR kit. The VR headset from Pico is characterized by its ease of use and operation.

The G2 4K has a sharp 4K display and can be used without cables, making it comfortable for pregnant women to wear, with no annoying cables hanging down. Also, the headset can be used without a controller, which makes it very easy and intiuitive to use.

Another advantage of the headset is the face pad, which is made of PU leather. By using the PU leather, the devices can be cleaned and disinfected very easily, which is especially useful in the healthcare sector.

With VR Expert, BirthVR has found the right partner to support the company in supplying its customers with the pico devices. With VR Expert’s installation service, the VR headsets come pre-configured with the BirthVR software. This allows pregnant women and healthcare workers to start with the relaxing content without having to struggle with setting up the device beforehand.

VR Expert - BirthVR Content

Thanks to BirthVR, expectant mothers can now relax better during the birthing process and feel less anxiety and pain. This makes childbirth a more beautiful experience, where women stay in control and manage their pain.

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