VR Expert - diginetmedia Use Case

diginetmedia – Pico G2 4K Enterprise

Client: diginetmedia
Application: Virtual reality experiences for seniors
Hardware: Pico G2 4K Enterprise
Software: diginetoasis
Service: Consulting, installation, delivery

VR Expert Pico G2 4K Enterprise overview

The client

For over 20 years, diginetmedia has been a trusted name worldwide when it comes to high-quality 360° content in the tourism sector. The company initially produced mainly for the hotel and tourism industry and now has over 700 customers from 40 countries. In Europe’s largest virtual reality portal for travel agencies, over 10,000 offices across Europe are connected, which use the VR videos of the hotels to sell the trips.

Another application of VR videos is in career selection. Here, diginetmedia lets students experience certain job profiles up close. This allows them to better empathize with the respective professions and make better decisions later on.

Due to the Corona pandemic, another use case was strongly promoted: the use of VR content in retirement and nursing homes. Through diginetmedia’s 360° videos, residents are able to travel virtually and visit a wide variety of places around the world.

The challenge

diginetmedia developed the application diginetoasis, which was especially designed for the use of virtual reality content in retirement homes.

In order to be able to offer retirement homes a complete package of software and hardware, diginetmedia was looking for a solution that would provide seniors with an easy introduction to virtual reality. At the same time, the high hygiene requirements of the health and care industry were to be included.

VR Expert - diginetoasis
VR Expert - Diginetoasis App

The solution

After an in-depth consultation, the decision was made to select the Pico G2 4K Enterprise VR headset for use in the retirement homes. Pico’s headset is the optimal choice for this application, as the standalone VR headset can be used anywhere without the need for cables. 

Furthermore, it stands out for its high wearing comfort, thanks to the soft face cover made of PU leather. This material is also easy to clean and disinfect, which makes the G2 4K Enterprise ideal for use in the healthcare or nursing industry.

Thanks to the 4K display, the content of the diginetmedia VR media library looks very realistic, making the VR experience an intense and immersive one for the seniors.

Furthermore, due to VR Expert’s installation service, the glasses arrive at the senior homes pre-configured and already pre-installed with diginetmedia’s application. This makes the introduction to virtual reality as easy as can be.

VR Expert - diginetmedia Pico G2 4K Enterprise

Virtual travel, motivation to exercise more, reminiscing about the past or simply enjoyment and relaxation – thanks to diginetmedia, virtual reality offers many new possibilities for the residents of the retirement homes.

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