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Eichten – RealWear Navigator 500

Eichten Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH was founded in 1995 and has since specialized in the service, trade and overhaul of machine tools. In order to offer customers a fast and effective service, Eichten has a nationwide network of qualified and competent technicians.

For several years, the company has also been an authorized cooperation partner of the machine tool manufacturer DMG MORI for Germany and Europe. Eichten supports the manufacturer’s customer service and factories in the areas of service and overhaul of machine tools, component overhaul, control conversions, as well as automation and robotics.


Consulting, installation, delivery

The challenge

To establish visual and acoustic contact with customers and technicians.

The solution

To connect directly with an expert, which means the problem can be identified and solved as quickly as possible.

What they said

“The good purchase advice from VR Expert convinced us. Due to the technical equipment and robustness, we decided on the RealWear Navigator 500 and are very satisfied. We use TeamViewer for communication. The advantage of this software is the ease of use and the simple login process for the customer.”

Lars Eichten

Managing Director of Eichten Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH

Hardware used

RealWear Navigator 500

The RealWear Navigator 500 is the next generation rugged monocular smart glass that empowers modern frontline workers with remote expertise. The AR headset can be operated hands-free thanks to its excellent voice control. The Navigator 500 is ideally suited for use in inspections, maintenance or repairs. Companies benefit from more effective and cost-efficient workflows by using the device.

Software used

TeamViewer Assist AR

TeamViewer Assist AR is a remote assistance solution that enables experts to easily provide field service personnel with immediate and secure augmented reality-powered visual guidance to identify and solve problems from anywhere in the world.

The challenge

In the event of technical problems with customers’ machine tools, it is very important for Eichten that the errors on the machine are determined as precisely as possible before the technicians are called out, so that the necessary spare parts can already be ordered to the customer. In the past, this often failed due to incorrect error messages, which then led to misunderstandings.

Eichten was therefore looking for a solution that was as flexible and independent as possible, with which the company could establish visual and acoustic contact with customers and technicians. It was important to Eichten that this solution could be used regardless of location and without additional hardware. In the search for such a solution, the company came across augmented reality technology and contacted VR Expert for advice on possible applications.

The solution

After several consultations, Eichten decided to use the RealWear Navigator 500, along with TeamViewer Assist AR remote support software.

Together with the customer on site, the RealWear headsets are now used for more precise fault diagnosis. The customer is provided with its own smart glasses as part of a remote contract, as well as technical support from Eichten’s employees.

As soon as the customer encounters a problem on one of the machines, he can use the RealWear Navigator 500 to connect directly with an expert, which means the problem can be identified and solved as quickly as possible. Eichten also uses the smart glasses to educate and train its own technicians. By using the RealWear Navigator 500, Eichten Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH has managed to reduce on-site service times, minimize machine downtime, and save on travel and shipping costs at the same time.

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