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GripXR – Pico Neo 3 Pro

Client: GripXR
Hardware: Pico Neo 3 Pro
Software: GripVR
Services: Advice, installation, shipment

The customer

GripXR is a company based in Leeuwarden, founded in 2021. They have developed GripVR, a virtual reality (VR) game designed to help users change their habits by reducing negative habits and promoting positive ones. The game is informed by research in addiction care, psychology, and kinesiology, and has applications in healthcare settings where privacy and data protection are paramount.

The Challenge:

GripXR needed a VR headset that met their specific requirements for their innovative GripVR game. They needed a headset that ensured privacy and did not share personal data with other companies, as the game would be used in healthcare settings with strict data protection regulations. Additionally, the VR headset had to provide accurate controller tracking for a natural, immersive experience, as users would engage with the game by boxing against their bad habits and pulling their good habits towards their heart.

The Solution:

GripXR reached out to after finding them online VR Expert and discovered that VR Expert had experience with serious games software. After seeking advice on the best VR headset for their needs, GripXR chose the Pico Neo 3 Pro VR Headset. This headset fulfilled their privacy requirements by not sharing user data with other companies, making it compliant with healthcare regulations.

The Pico Neo 3 Pro VR Headset also provided the necessary controller tracking accuracy for a natural and immersive gaming experience, enabling users to interact with the game in the intended manner.

By assisting GripXR with advice, installation, and shipment of the Pico Neo 3 Pro VR Headset. GripXR is able to focus on enhancing their platform ensuring a seamless integration with their GripVR software built on the Unity platform. This collaboration allowed GripXR to deliver an effective and engaging VR game that helps users change their habits in a fun and innovative way, while also adhering to strict privacy standards required in healthcare applications.

“Our partnership with VR Expert and the implementation of the Pico Neo 3 Pro has been great for us at GripXR, providing our users with an immersive, secure, and engaging experience to revolutionize habit change.” – XY at GripXR

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