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Huber+Suhner – Vuzix M4000

Client: Huber+Suhner
Application: Remote Support
Hardware: Vuzix M4000
Software: TeamViewer Frontline xAssist
Services: Advice, installation, shipment

VR expert vuzix m4000

The customer

Huber+Suhner began from a merger in 1969 between R+E Huber and Suhner & Co. As both proud family businesses, R+E Huber held the expertise of wire drawing, with Suhner & Co. specializing in wires and rubber insulation. Combined, they synergized into cables and cable systems, and communication transmission technology.

Today, Huber+Suhner provides electrical and optical connectivity around the globe with subsidiaries and agencies in over 80 countries. Such a reach means Huber+Suhner services directly where the customer is, supplying their expertise spanning over 150 years.

The challenge

Being a respected global production network, Huber+Suhner is continually on a path to innovate. Thus, Huber+Suhner had specific prerequisites for a smart glass to improve Customer Quality Claims and Production Troubleshooting combined with more efficient Global Technology Transfer and application training to Customer Networks. While Huber+Suhner also sought to strengthen its auditing and process/product development through assisted reality.

Huber+Suhner was seeking a smart glass solution that was globally available and from a manufacturer with intimate expertise in industrial environments. Further, because Huber+Suhner’s optics technology comprises incredibly intricate and complex components, the assisted reality glass required a high-resolution screen and camera with reliable auto-focus for outstanding remote maintenance and assistance.

The solution

In their search for the ideal smart glass supplier, Huber+Suhner returned to VR Expert because of their deep XR industry expertise, multilingual staff, and attention to detail. Huber+Suhner found Vuzix M4000 and the enabling software TeamViewer Frontline xAssist the perfect choice.

The reasons were an incredible wide field of view with an eye-level 4K camera and lightning-fast auto-focus for excellent remote assistance, capable of withstanding hazardous environments with an IP67 certification, and resistance to drops up to 2 meters (6 feet).

Today, the legacy company Huber+Suhner utilizes Vuzix M4000 and TeamViewer remote application to improve customer relationships by reducing response times and establishing an equal understanding of technical issues. Additionally, the Vuzix M4000 enables faster root-cause analyses combined with time-saving in correspondence between global locations and decreased need for emergency travel costs with a positive impact on CO2 footprint.


“In our search to incorporate smart glasses into our technical and operational processes, we kept returning to VR Expert for its multilingual expertise, international reach, and deep aR insight. Our new Vuzix M4000 smart glasses with TeamViewer xAssist are already improving operations and customer relationships with future potential to be tapped.”

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