Client: Inteqnion
Hardware: RealWear HMT-1
Usage: Remote Support
Software: Argus


Inteqnion specializes in designing, building and implementing control and automation solutions within the process industry. Most of the work is carried out abroad.

The equipment is built in the Netherlands and must be installed on site. For this, Inteqnion personnel are sent to location. In some cases, local experts are hired. In some cases, the expertise of the local parties is not sufficient, causing problems or delays.

To optimize the process and offer better handling and support, Inteqnion has purchased 2 Realwears from VR Expert.


These Smartglasses in combination with so-called Remote Expertise software offers the possibility to view and give instructions remotely. When equipment needs to be installed, you can contact Inteqnion via the Realwear. An expert will watch from Inteqnion and give instructions via speech and so-called markers.


By using AR remote support, Inteqnion does not have to send personnel to location in every situation. This not only saves time and costs but also has a much lower impact on the environment. Diagnosing and solving problems is also a lot faster. The Covid-19 situation has made this case even more relevant and Inteqnion is looking at a wider application of remote expertise.

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