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JMC Software – Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2

The customer

JMC Software is a software engineering and operations company based in Switzerland. JMC was founded in 1996 by José Lopez at the young age of 18, and today, the sitting chairman and CEO. José noticed in the mid-90s the prospects of eCommerce and grew JMC from this cornerstone. 

This foundation and determination brought success, with Lopez appointed by Bilanz as one of the Top 100 Digital Shapers and JMC on the path to becoming the Swiss market leader in the realization and operation of digital platforms.

The challenge

The shifting landscape of eCommerce driven by changing shopping behaviors from the Gen Z generation presents both opportunities and challenges for businesses.

These changes were exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing renewed attention and innovation to eCommerce. As a result, one of the solutions that emerged was AR virtual commerce.

For example, Obsess found that 70% of consumers visiting a virtual store led to a sale, and Gen Z shoppers desire metaverse platforms like virtual shopping malls.

So with a finger on the eCommerce pulse, JMC Software developed an unforgettable AR virtual shopping platform but required assistance for the ideal AR smart glass to accompany it.

The solution

JMC knew they sought an AR smart glass that was easy to use, offered hands-free controls, and open software compatibility. However, they required expert assistance to find the right AR smart glass, so JMC reached out to VR Expert, who pointed to the perfect smart glass to solve all their needs: the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2.

Now, stationary employees assist consumers via video consultation from a tablet and Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 smart glasses enabled by the virtual commerce platform INSIDE by Powerfront™.

The results are impressive. INSIDE by Powerfront™ provided three times increase in buyer engagement, higher customer satisfaction and loyalty, and 48% sales growth from cross- and up-selling.

“VR Expert supported us with their expertise and provided the perfect Smart Glass, the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2. We are very satisfied,” says José Lopez from JMC Software.

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