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Krys Group – Pico Neo 3 Pro Eye

The Customer

The history of the Krys brand stretches back to 1966, later turning into a cooperation between Optician Associates and a management committee under the Krys Group banner. Today, the Krys Group is a leader in optics and a significant player in hearing in France, manufacturing optics and conducting in-store eye exams.

The Krys Group’s leading position was achieved from a trifecta of values: cooperation between opticians and management, an innovation strategy that connects with market changes, and excellence to exceed customer expectations


The Challenge

To uphold the Krys Group’s innovative moniker and customer excellence, they discovered an opportunity to utilize virtual reality eye tracking to improve their comprehensive eye exams and bring them into the 21st century.

The reason is that VR eye tracking through biometric measurements, like pupil dilation, peripheral vision testing, and gaze detection, provide deep customer insights to improve the eye exam experience. While eye tracking also can become an integral part of the eye health and vision exam, providing opticians with accurate diagnostics to detect eye abnormalities that can lead to complications such as glaucoma.

The Solution

Krys Group chose VR Expert as their VR hardware supplier because of our proven experience and local presence in France with our reasonable costs. And through VR Expert, the Krys Group decided on the Pico Neo 3 Pro Eye VR headset because of the high-performing display resolution, open and privacy-certified operating system and SDK, and, most importantly, the reliable integrated eye tracking.

Now the Krys Group has rolled out its VR eye-tracking pilot project to profound effects as the user-friendly Pico Neo 3 Pro Eye lowers the barriers for customers to check their eye health, seeing traditional methods as daunting. Similarly, detailed behavioral data is applied to improve and evaluate the eyewear store experience.

“We knew VR eye-tracking could bring great benefits to our in-store eye exams but we needed to find a capable VR supplier with a proven French track record and VR Expert fit that bill through-and-through.” says François LYONNET from Krys Group.

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