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Magic Horizons Alloheim Senioren Residenzen – Pico G2 4K

Customer: Alloheim Senioren Residenzen
Application: Relaxation, well-being and productivity
Hardware: Pico G2 4K
Software: Magic Horizons
Services: Installation

The client

Alloheim Senioren Residenzen is a private nursing home operator in Germany that provides care services for various age groups across the country. When the pandemic broke out, Alloheim Senioren Residenzen, like the rest of the world, faced many Covid-related restrictions.

The question

Alloheim Senioren Residenzen wanted to help its seniors and employees during this difficult time to create a positive effect. Together with BKK-VBU, a health insurance company in Germany, they were looking for a solution to create this positive effect on people. BKK-VBU introduced Alloheim Senioren Residenzen to Magic Horizons; a German virtual reality company consisting of experienced video and music producers, designers and programmers. 

Magic Horizons offers a unique combination of elaborately produced 360-degree environments, the latest virtual reality technology, soothing music and relaxing virtual worlds to provide a scientifically based solution for mental regeneration, coping with everyday stress and mental training. VR technology also makes virtual travel possible for residents.

The solution

Magic Horizons has developed 31 VR applications to date that enhance employee well-being and productivity, as well as effectively help residents relax quickly. Magic Horizons has created a complete hardware and software package aimed directly at retirement homes, medical providers, clinics, dental offices and corporate staff. 

In the area of VR hardware, Magic Horizons is partnering with VR Expert. Magic Horizons has two VR headsets on offer: once the “Easy Mobile”, a passive 3DOF VR headset and “Premium Mobile”, an interactive 6DOF VR headset. VR Expert ensures that the Magic Horizons software is already pre-installed on the respective virtual reality glasses.

VR Expert Magic Horizons

Sven Dahle, consultant for occupational health management at the health insurance company BKK-VBU, said at the launch of the Magic Horizons project for the Alloheim Senioren Residenzen: ”With time-out at the push of a button, we are able to address not only the nursing staff and the residents of the nursing homes, but also to combine analog with digital, occupational health management in a meaningful way. Especially in times that require a rethink and for a target group that needs it one of the most urgently, it is important for us to offer fast and flexible solutions.”

Martin Koppehele, one of the founders of Magic Horizons, also confirms the positive response across all age groups: ”Especially among older people, the nature experiences of Magic Horizons are highly rated. Over 90 percent of users are excited about our virtual reality applications and the impact it has. 80 percent of users report that the VR headsets really help them relax excellently and quite quickly.” 

Franziska Singer (102), is an example of how virtual reality knows no age limit. She wanted to get away from it all by immersing herself in a virtual world, becoming the oldest known ”digital traveler.” Magic Horizons allowed her to choose from a wide range of virtual destinations, such as a walk on the beach, mountain climbing, swimming with dolphins or hiking through natural landscapes. Singer chose a walk in the woods and was soon enchanted by the forest atmosphere. “This is just great. Tomorrow I definitely want to test the fantasy worlds!” she said enthusiastically.

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