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VR Expert - Mavitec

Mavitec – RealWear HMT-1

Customer: Mavitec
Application: Assistance, maintenance and repair
Hardware: RealWear
Services: Installation and delivery

The client

Mavitec B.V. specializes in the design, development, production and installation of systems and processes for the recycling of organic by-products: Rendering, Gasification and Green Energy solutions. 

Mavitec operates worldwide from its headquarters in Heerhugowaard and is known for its high quality rendering systems that process animal by-products into high quality end products (proteins, oils) for use in e.g. animal feed or cosmetic industries. 

Mavitec also offers an innovative gasification system that converts different types of manure into green energy and valuable EcoChar. a fertile soil improver. Mavitec’s green division offers food waste & depackaging solutions: systems that process supermarket and restaurant waste, among others, and separate the organic material from the packaging. This organic fraction is very clean and suitable for use in biogas installations, among other things. 

Quality and service are of paramount importance at Mavitec. With branches, sales and service offices all over the world, Mavitec is looking for a way to offer customers an even better service.

The question

Mavitec was looking for an innovative way to be available to their customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because Mavitec has customers located all over the world, it is difficult to visit each factory personally. Mavitec needs a product that provides the ability to support and manage customers remotely. Therefore, Mavitec requested a trial from the VR-Expert team for information on what digital ways exist for providing remote support.

This is also an ideal tool for colleagues and service technicians in the field to communicate with headquarters.

The solution

Mavitec ultimately chose a RealWear solution consisting of hardware, software and services, the VR-Expert team played a guiding role in putting together the kit. The RealWear products were chosen because of the robustness of the product and its suitability for use in industrial environments, for example extremely high or low temperatures. 

Mavitec delivers the RealWear headsets to customers as a support tool for their services. The VR-Expert team delivers the RealWear kits and also does the installation of MS Teams and the configuration of the device. In the future, Mavitec wants to offer this service tool frequently to their customers. The RealWear products are successfully used in different projects all over the world.

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