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OSZ Lotis – XR-Lab

OSZ Lotis is a school located in the middle of Germany’s capital Berlin and the school’s roots go back to 1979.

The school name Lotis stands for the different departments of the educational center: Logistics, Tourism and Taxes. This hosts different educational programs from vocational preparation to vocational school to vocational high school and in-service training programs.

The Client

OSZ Lotis


Installation, pre-configuration & support

The Challenge

OSZ Lotis sought partners with VR/AR expertise to establish the XR Lab, providing hardware procurement, setup, staff training, and ongoing hardware support.


Teaching in an XR Lab.

The Challenge

OSZ Lotis is a highly modern school and has been investing heavily in the provision of state-of-the-art IT learning environments for some time now.

A new station in the school’s development has been the establishment of an XR Lab during 2021. In this lab, students at OSZ Lotis will be able to work with innovative technologies from the fields of virtual and augmented reality. These technologies are already widely used in the logistics and tourism industries.

To set up the XR Lab, OSZ Lotis was looking for partners with VR and AR expertise who could not only procure the hardware but also set up the XR Lab on site, introduce the school staff to it, and provide hardware support afterwards.

The Solution

OSZ Lotis contacted VR Expert as one of the partners to support the school in implementing the XR Lab. After an extensive communication, the school decided on a total of 19 devices from 5 different categories.

The Pico G2 4K, the Vuzix M400 and the HTC Vive Pro Full Kit were selected for the XR Lab. VR Expert also provided a custom high-performance VR-ready PC to run the Vive Pro PC VR headset.

In addition to the VR and AR hardware, VR Expert and OSZ Lotis worked together to create a hygiene concept, which consisted of VR hygiene masks and the Uvisan VR30 disinfection cabinet.

The Uvisan is particularly useful for educational institutions as it simultaneously cleans all equipment in use from bacteria and viruses in a 5-minute cycle, disinfecting it for reuse. The Uvisan VR30 has 30 USB ports that can be used to charge the XR devices during the disinfection cycle and also during subsequent storage.

VR Expert’s installation service preconfigured the units prior to delivery so that VR technicians on site could simply take care of the optimal set-up and configuration of the hardware. Thanks to optimal joint planning, the XR-Lab was successfully opened after the setup day.

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