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VR Expert - PatientZero Games Use Case

PatientZero Games – HTC Vive Focus 3

Client: PatientZero Games
Application: VR training
Hardware: HTC Vive Focus 3
Services: Advice, delivery

HTC Vive Focus 3 headset only

The client

PatientZero Games is a software company founded in 2015, which specializes in the design and development of innovative software in the 3D field. Modern 3D applications depict content more vividly than classic media and thus make it even more tangible for the user.

The company implements major projects in the fields of virtual reality, augmented reality, games, simulation and e-learning, drawing on many years of experience. 

The claim of PatientZero Games is to convey information and knowledge in a playful way. The focus is on a balanced relationship between knowledge transfer and entertainment.

The challenge

At the Potsdam Chamber of Commerce, as part of the Zukunftszentrum Brandenburg, the idea arose to work with PatientZero Games to develop a VR simulation to facilitate AAL consultations.

“Ambient Assisted Living” (AAL) stands for concepts, products and services that introduce new technologies into everyday situations in order to increase the quality of life for people in all phases of life, especially in old age.

At present, the situation is often such that the impaired person or his or her caregiver/relative can give a good account of the restrictions, but the craftsman is unable to derive the optimum measures from this. The craftsman, on the other hand, is familiar with a wide range of technical options, but is unable to adequately explain them to the person concerned.

VR Expert - AAL Simulator 1
VR Expert - AAL Simulator 2

The solution

To simplify the process, PatientZero Games was tasked with developing an AAL VR consulting trainer. Regarding the use of the right VR hardware, the company turned to VR Expert for advice.

PatientZero Games chose the HTC Vive Focus 3 as the hardware for playing the training content. The crucial point here was the replaceable battery, which allows training sessions to be conducted with several participants without the device having to be charged in between. In addition, HTC’s Business Portal offers the possibility to distribute new versions of the app to multiple headsets at the same time via remote control, which makes delivery to corporate customers much easier.

The AAL VR trainer developed by PatientZero Games is a solution that is ideally suited for the individual use case and improves the understanding of both sides for each other. The craftsman can train the consulting situation and receives valuable advice to achieve an optimal result for the impaired person. A caregiver, in turn, can gain a basic understanding of technical solution approaches by using the AAL consulting trainer.

“VR Expert strived for a very close contact even after the quick delivery of the headsets and was a reliable partner with good technical understanding who was able to answer more complex technical questions quickly.”
  – Fabian Jäger, CEO and founder of PatientZero Games

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