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VR Expert - Playsight Use Case

Playsight – Pico Neo 3 Pro

Client: Playsight 
Application: VR employee trainings
Hardware: Pico Neo 3 Pro
Software: ArborXR
Services: Advice, installation, shipment

Pico Neo 3 VR Headset Angle

The customer

Playsight is a VR software company based in Hapert, the Netherlands. The company has launched the Virtual Warehouse Trainer, which consists of virtual training experiences for the logistics industry. 

Playsight’s VR training solution is a more efficient, safer and intuitive alternative to traditional training. With Playsight’s Virtual Warehouse Trainer, companies train their employees on using the forklift, reach truck and other machinery.

The advantage of virtual training is that the realistic 3D simulations make it just as effective as “real” training. However, at the same time, production can continue as usual and there is no use or wear and tear of equipment from the warehouse. In addition, Playsight provides users with real-time insights into the training data, allowing employees’ successes and failures to be measured and evaluated in an online dashboard.

The challenge

For the distribution of its VR training solutions, Playsight was looking for the right VR headset and a reliable and flexible hardware partner. 

In addition, they were looking for device management software to keep track of a large number of customers and devices.

The solution

Playsight found the perfect partner in VR Expert, as in addition to VR hardware, the company also offers a wide range of software, and was thus able to offer a complete package. 

VR Expert - Playsight Virtual Warehouse trainer
VR Expert - Playsight virtual training

After extensive consultation, the decision was made in favor of the Pico Neo 3 Pro hardware. This headset is ideally suited for use in VR training, as it is a wireless device that is perfectly designed for interactive training scenarios thanks to its 6-DoF inside-out tracking. In addition, the headset offers many options in terms of privacy and is built to be very user-friendly. 

ArborXR software was chosen to manage the devices. ArborXR is a device management software that is compatible with a large number of VR and AR devices. Through the ArborXR web portal, Playsight can group headsets and install applications and files remotely. The ArborXR software also has a built-in kiosk mode and multi-app launcher that allows Playsight to customize the experience for each client.

With the addition of the Pico Neo 3 Pro and ArborXR, Playsight can now offer a unique end-to-end solution that enables logistics companies to digitize and scale their internal training processes through innovative and intuitive 3D simulations. With the new insights in training data and increased frequency of trained employees, companies are able to improve the safety in their warehouses.

Luuk Bouw, Co-Founder of Playsight, says the following:
“VR Expert advised us to use Pico headsets so we tried those out. This was one of the best  choices we made early on. The openness of the Pico hard- and software enabled us to tailor and simplify the user experience for our end users.“

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